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  1. Peter
    June 21, 2010

    I for one buy the most generic and cheapest fabric softener there is at the store. My only use for them is to eliminate static from the drier. My experience with more expensive softener is that by the time I get to wear the clothes I just washed any smell from the softener is long gone.

  2. Ron
    June 21, 2010

    Can anyone imagine this test being conducted? “Here, sniff this damp towel.”

  3. Frankie
    June 21, 2010

    I would think that a damp towel would feel just as soft without fabric softener. I’m willing to bet that the scent was the winning factor and not the softness of the towel.

  4. Jennifer
    June 21, 2010

    Just use 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the wash during the rinse cycle and you won’t need fabric softner at all anyway…the clothes will not smell like vinegar once they are dry and there will not be any static either :)

  5. Joan
    June 22, 2010

    Used snuggle for first time, towels were not soft when taken out of dryer and had absolutely no smell. Would not purchase this product again.

  6. Cathy B
    June 29, 2010

    I haven’t used/purchased fabric softener for quite some time now.
    I read that a rolled up ball of tin foil put in the drier will
    eliminate static cling. I tried it; it works. PLUS I also put
    a clean dry bath towel AND a clean (new from the ‘can’) tennis
    ball in. The bath towel absorbs some of the moisture from the
    clothes, so they dry quicker, and the tennis ball bouncing around
    helped the towels to be fluffy.

  7. Serena
    March 31, 2011

    Usually I buy Snuggle at Sam’s Club because it is cheaper, but they got in a shipment of Downey Simple Pleasures in a fragrance that I liked, so I decided to splurge and buy a bottle. I have now washed three separate loads using the Downey and all three came out of the dryer intolerably crackling with static cling. Static cling is my major reason for using a fabric softener, because my water is already softened, so I now believe that Snuggle is in fact better than Downey for my purposes. By the way my socks were no softer after I peeled them off my t-shirts, so Snuggle gives equal softness and way better protection from static cling.

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