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Office Depot: Get $5 for Recycling Ink Cartridges*

Sounds like a pretty good deal: return a used ink cartridge to Office Depot, and they will take $5 off your next ink purchase.

*MOUSE PRINT: “excludes HP, Brother, Canon & Epson ink tanks…” That doesn’t leave many big brands other than Lexmark. [OD circular 3/12/06]

Office Depot $5 Ink Cartridge offer(T)

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36 thoughts on “Office Depot: Get $5 for Recycling Ink Cartridges*”

  1. But Staples regularly gives you $3.00 coupons for each ink cartridge you recycle and the coupons can be used for any purchase, I always save all my old ink cartridges and take them to Staples.

  2. Ditto. I took three or four ink cartridges and one generic toner cartridge and was given a coupon for each one. They’re even combinable on a purchase that has nothing to do with ink. Staples is my preferred place to shop for office supplies!!!

  3. It’s worse than I thought, but also better than I thought it one way. I think it means that I can turn in old Lexmark cartridges for credit toward Canon ink.

  4. I use Canon printers and have run into this before. Ink tanks and ink cartridges are two different animals. It’s kind of understandable when they explained it to me, and they gave me the free ream of paper anyway that they were offering at that time.

  5. I am a high school business teacher with four computer labs. I return all of our empty cartridges to
    Office Depot for a ream of paper. This school year alone I have provided to the school district 35 reams
    of paper. Great way to recycle and help the students as well.

  6. I sell `em on eBay, and usually get about $5 each. Much better deal than the $3 offered by Staples. We don’t have an Office Depot in my area.

    When we had an OFFICE MAX here (they are now gone and a BestBuy is in their place), I used to get the free ream of paper. But those are the cheap reams, and priced way below the average $5 we fetch on eBay.

  7. I took eight cartidges to Office Max today and was denied reams of paper (as was done before) and was only offered $3 off (per cartridge) of an immediate in-store purchase. I had not intenced to purchase anything today, so I picked up my cartridges and left, never to return to Office Max again.

  8. I brought 2 cartidges to Staples and got 2 $3.00 coupons.

    But they would not let me use both coupons for a single purchase.

    Jimmy’s rule of business: Aggravate customers if you must, but don’t
    spend money to do it.

  9. I just get my ink cartridges refilled. The lower cost of refilling is much better than the discount, and you can’t beat it for recycling

  10. I use the free mailer from Pet’s Mart to return HP as they give a $2 (100% donation) to pet friendly charities. They do not except Epson.

  11. EPSON is not supporting the Staples and Office Max recycling programs. What are we supposed to do with such an unresponsive and unresponsible company as Epson? Boycott?? Dump our printers on their doorstep???

  12. I just learned of the no epson thing tonight at staples. The cashier told me they could still take it and recycle it but no longer gave coupons for them. I Don’t get it, if they still take them then why did they stop the coupons. If anyone can solve this that would be great.

  13. I’m pretty sure the reason that they don’t accept Epson and many other brands is the fact that they are only ink tanks. HP, Lexmark, and Dell all have the printer heads actually on the cartridge. The Epson heads are on the “carriage.” I don’t think Epson is fighting them, I just don’t think it is financially feasible to keep taking the epson cartridges because they don’t have integrated heads.

    Also, Epson uses Durabrite inks… which I believe are proprietary and therefore generic inks yield worse results in remanufactured cartridges.

  14. I have a Canon IP1600 which does use cartridges (not tanks) but because they’re Canon, they’re not accepted.
    Also Office Depot’s current policy for a $3 coupon which can only be used on the next purchase of a minimum of $3 or a free ream of recyled paper. One coupon per purchase. Office Max & Staples cartridge for paper or discounts seems to come & go every other week. They only seem to accept them if it states so in the current weekly sale ad.

  15. I just bought a printer at Staples, and brought in 3 used ink cartridges. They took 9 bucks off my printer. (3 $3 coupons). They do this all the time. I’ve never had any problem.

  16. I JUST CALLED Office Max and Office Depot in San Antonio, and BOTH places offer a Ink Cartridge Recycle Program ($3.00 Coupon) As of 2-17-07

    Neither Place accepts Canon or Epson cartridges


    BTW – Why do people not put where they are when they add their comments.

  17. I took in three Epson cartridges and was told that they don’t accept them as they do not refill Epson cartridges. The manager said he would make an exception this time and give me a free ream of paper for each cartridge. the only catch was I could have one now and they would give me a coupon for each of the other two which I could redeem for one at a time on future visits

  18. We took about 10 HP cartridges to Office Depot yesterday. We
    have always been able to get one free ream of paper per day per
    person.We were able to get $3 credit coupons for each of the 10,
    however THIS time we were told that for each $3 coupon we had to
    spend at least $3 on an item. We have always just recieved a ream
    of paper free with a cartridge. WE left with our credit coupons
    that now we do not want and no paper!! Furthermore, we cannot
    spend our coupons anywhere else! We really goofed on this decision
    and don’t feel that Office Depot was friendly or even willing
    to discuss it. We shall now shop elsewhere.

  19. Actually the coupon at top says those brands’ ink tanks…

    I don’t know if those brands even have tanks or if that’s the store’s intention, but hey, maybe you could try it?

  20. I have been Saving my Hp Cartridges for a well I took then to Office Depot And they Gave me $3 coupons for 25 of my ink cartridge which came out to $75 dollars and I got $75 dollars of school supplies and lots of paper for free great why to save.

  21. Recycled ink cartridges for along time and store policies are ever changing First it was a ream of paper limit one per person per day. Than $3.00 off coupons that you could combine up to 25 or $75.00 dollars off Now it is recycle 25 per day giving you coupons that you can only can us 3 a day? Office Depot mak up you policies?! Office Max will recycle 5 cartridges a day and this has not changed!!!

  22. The Mouse Print on this says ‘tanks.’ We still accept major brands, but it has to be a ‘cartidge.’ This means it must have a printhead on it.

  23. hey everyone. ok so here’s the deal. I talked to office max, office depot and staples and all will give rebates/coupons BUT they don’t accept EPSON! why?!?! let me tell you. Epson is sueing any retailer that tries to resell their ink cartridges. So..it’s epson’s fault. I am still searching for a place to donate these stupid epson inks to get something back…any suggestions?

  24. Paul, Now look what do you have to get mad because Officemax doesn’t give out free paper anymore? Why can’t you just bring in the ink cartridges you have and get the 3 dollars off towards the paper. (up to 5 a day) I don’t think any store offers the free paper like Officemax once did and another thing why do you have to ask all childish about it? Its just ink cartridges!

  25. I bring 3 or 4 cartridges to officedepot *WITH* a purchase at the counter and they always take it right off the bill no questions asked. $9-12 off each purchase each time? What could be better?
    -Poughkeepsie, NY

  26. Took 5 HP and HP-compatible cartridges (15 & 17) to Staples this week.
    Their current offer here in the Sacramento area is $3 “credit” which their
    corporate office pays out to you every 90 days. And you can only turn in 3
    cartridges per day.

    I will be calling Office Depot, as I’ve taken them there before and got
    *something* on the spot (paper, I think?). But that’s been a few years ago,
    though also in the Sacramento area.

  27. I’ve been saving Canon ink cartridges. Today I took them into the Columbia Heights Staples in Washington, DC. They refused to recycle them or give me a rebate.

  28. Office Depot no longer gives you the $3 instant credit at purchase NOR the $3 coupon towards a future
    credit if you aren’t buying anything. Now the credit goes on your rewards card as of the first or second
    week in November but you can turn in up to 25 a day! Your rewards card/check gets mailed quarterly.

  29. Office Depot will take OFficeDepot, HP or Samsung Cartridges only BTW.
    But up to 25/day @$3 credit each is amazing!

  30. Office depot now only does 5 cartridges at a time, which go onto your rewards card. They send out checks quarterly, which is a bit concerning seeing they may as a company make it another quarter.

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