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Blue Buffalo: “Never has Chicken/Poultry By-Product Meals” ?

  Blue Buffalo, a maker of premium pet food, proclaims in advertising that meat is “always” the first ingredients in its products and it “never” has chicken/poultry by-product meals. It even invites consumers to compare their favorite brand to Blue Buffalo.

Blue Buffalo

Never say never, just in case a competitor like Purina decides to have your products tested to see if the claims are true. And that is exactly what Purina did, using an independent lab to test Blue Buffalo products.


Blue Buffalo

And after getting the results, Purina filed sued (see complaint) last week against Blue Buffalo for false advertising and product disparagement. And they set up a website to tell the world about it.

While Purina says they tested Blue Buffalo products purchased from retail stores on the East and West coasts, they didn’t say how many products were tested in total. On the issue of whether Blue Buffalo contained any chicken by-products in the kibble itself, Purina seems to have only found three bags that did.

We asked Purina how many bags they actually purchased and tested, but their PR person did not return our call.

For its part, the founder of Blue Buffalo said, “We categorically deny all of these false allegations and will aggressively defend the integrity of our brand and our products.”

Thanks to Richard G. for the tip about this story.

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4 thoughts on “Blue Buffalo: “<i>Never</i> has Chicken/Poultry By-Product Meals” ?”

  1. If I were Blue Buffalo I would never say never. Large manufacturing plants always have the chance of having by-products in their packages. That’s why so many companies put warnings like “may contain soy or peanuts or dairy”.

    I doubt Blue Buffalo would make those claims unless they really had less by-product in their packages, but it’s the “never” that will really get them in trouble if consumers or other companies decide to pursue legal action. It doesn’t even appear that Purina found that much and they wouldn’t have to publicly release the results from a third party to be considered remotely reliable to me.

  2. I wonder if it is even possible to test a dog food & tell the difference between poultry-by-product-meal and poultry-meal (I really doubt it). Blue Buffalo does contain poultry-meal & I’m pretty sure it would be picked up on any ‘tests’ Purina did as poultry-by-product-meal since they are basically the same thing with the pure poultry-meal being made without the inclusion of heads, feet & entrails (poultry-by-product-meal contains these). Nutritionally both meal & by-product-meal are nearly identical in nutritional content (via lab testing). [See here: http://www.hilarywatson.com/chicken.pdf‎%5D As for Purina’s claim that Blue Buffalo contains corn, I call foul on this one! My dog is severely allergic to corn in any amount or form & would become severely ill, if not die, if he consumed even a small amount. He can eat Blue Buffalo with no problems at all, but not Purina. That, to me, means there is no corn in their pet food. Personally, I think that Purina is just upset that their sales haven’t been as good since all those illnesses and deaths in pets from their 2 brands of jerky products over the past few years & they are trying to buy out or take down their competitors in order to get back their customer base.

  3. Funny, Purina whining because Blue Buffalo has chicken byproducts in its pet foods. Purina is one of the biggest purveyors of pet junk food: GMOs, artificial colors & flavors, cereal fillers, and, oh yeah, BYPRODUCTS. BB must be threatening Purina’s market share.

    I personally would feed BB (and many other brands) long before I would consider Purina. My cats don’t get it. My dogs don’t get it. My horses don’t get it. Even my chickens don’t get it. It’s junk food.

  4. I don’t feed my cats Blue Buffalo because they do not like it! The last time I tried it, those little “life bits” hung around in the bottom of the food bowl for weeks until I finally threw them out!

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