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Use This Kohl’s Cash Trick for Extra Savings

Over the past few weeks we’ve focused on the fine print of store policies, both good and bad, at major retailers. This week, we turn to Kohl’s, which has a genuinely pro-consumer policy when it comes to Kohl’s Cash. Of course, that doesn’t excuse the company for continually making exaggerated savings claims on items that are almost always on sale.

Kohl’s Cash is a bonus that shoppers get when they reach certain spending thresholds. Think of it like a merchandise credit. For their big upcoming Black Friday sale, for instance, for every $50 you spend (after all discounts), you will earn $15 in Kohl’s Cash that is good toward future purchases.

Kohl's Cash

Maybe you are like MrConsumer and sometimes just fall short of making the $50 threshold because the item you are buying is unfortunately priced at $49.99. You are in luck, however, because of a little-known policy at Kohl’s.


Kohl's Cash Policy

So, don’t think you have to add a filler item to your cart when the basket total is just shy of $50. Kudos to Kohl’s.

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12 thoughts on “Use This Kohl’s Cash Trick for Extra Savings”

  1. Mr. Consumer writes: “Of course, that doesn’t excuse the company for continually making exaggerated savings claims on items that almost are always on sale.” You got that right! I do not understand why Kohl’s is allowed to run their unfair and deceptive ads day in day out.

  2. I found this to be the case with Bed Bath and Beyond as well, not to mention that they routinely accept outdated coupons. What amazes me is the fact that so many store personnel do not realize they should be returning cash, if asked, from any gift card when the amount is under 5.00

  3. I equate Kohl’s with Walgreens. Their everyday prices are higher than other stores. I wait for my monthly discount as a Kohl’s credit user. Then I buy items that are on sale, use my discount and receive the Kohl’s Cash if my total is $50+/-.

  4. A lesson I learned about Kohls they will give you kohls cash if you are at 47.50

    does not need to be over $50 to get the cash

  5. Generous? Kohl’s is getting rid of the $2 limit. Kohl’s “cash” is another gimmick to get you to spend more. They know most will forget to use them before they expire. Even if you try to use them before expiration, they kept canceling orders using $200 in kohl’s cash until they expired so I couldn’t use them any more, hours with customer service was fruitless. Also, When paying with Kohl’s cash it comes off before all other discounts so the % coupons will be rendered useless (besides the fact you can’t use coupons on a long list of brands). Plus Remember the $48 spend is after all the coupons. Kohl’s is one of the most deceptive, overpriced stores.

  6. I agree with HMC’s and Max’s comments re Kohls’ phony price tags. I’m amazed that for such a large company, the FTC hasn’t come after them for deceptive and misleading pricing as they did with Sears and Penney’s. I’m guessing they’re using tactics such that they’re within millimeters of being legal. I have to admit they’re marketing geniuses.

    • Kohl’s has actually been fined in the past for these practices and they’re still doing it! What do they do, just factor future fines into the cost of doing business?

      I’ve heard there are companies who do this, such as big pharma in dealing with patient lawsuits.

  7. Kohl’s isn’t so bad when you know how to work their sales and coupons. I find ways around their list prices and policies to get phenomenal discounts. One way is to scour the coupon code sites because some of them have discounts you won’t get otherwise. I routinely get 30% off plus free shipping, and if free shipping is not available a little known policy they have is free shipping when you order from their app while you’re just outside in the parking lot or inside the store on their free wi-fi. Plus they routinely give me $5.00 in rewards whenever they notice I’ve been scarce for a while, so I can stack that on as well. Another tactic is to wait for something to go on clearance, which often happens even in the middle of the season. You do have to be vigilant about looking for those discounts. When I put all these things together I get lots of stuff for next to nothing. I don’t even care about earning Kohl’s cash anymore.

    • Thanks Renee for the tips on free shipping and online coupons!
      Sounds like you’re a card holder if they’re giving you $ to come back

  8. If you buy several items and earn Kohl’s Cash and then return one of the items, if your new purchase total (original purchase minus return) is under $50, the Kohl’s Cash becomes invalid. Just an FYI.

  9. I always go to Kohl’s with my 30% coupon at the 60 & 70% off section. Kohl’s stopped giving this discount. I haven’t purchased anything from them in months.

  10. Just seeing this post, but I feel Kohl’s also needs to be given props for honoring Kohl’s cash even after they cancel an order. They massively oversold Playstation 5s on Black Friday and had to cancel many of the orders (including mine, which was sad). But they let us keep the $180 in Kohl’s cash, which came in quite handy refreshing our pandemic pajama wardrobe.

    And thus, Kohl’s turns what could have been a frustrating experience into a perfectly happy outcome.

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