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How to Get Free Shipping From Amazon Without a $25 Minimum Purchase

MrConsumer is probably one of the few people in the world who has not become a member of Amazon Prime — the $119 a year membership program that provides “free” two-day shipping and a host of other benefits. He simply does not buy enough on Amazon to make purchasing the membership worthwhile.

Recently when buying an item which qualified for free shipping for non-members because it was over $25, an onscreen confirmation provided a pleasant surprise:

Amazon free shipping

It indicated that for the next 24 hours, I could place additional orders and not have to meet the $25 minimum for free shipping. What an unexpected offer.

There was some fine print, however, but nothing that significantly diluted the bonus.


Amazon free shipping detail

The key restrictions are that any new purchases have to be ones shipped by Amazon (rather than a third party) and must go to the same address as the original order.

Obviously, this loophole is a narrow exception aimed at shoppers who forgot to order some less expensive items when placing their larger orders the day before. In any event, thanks, Amazon.

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8 thoughts on “How to Get Free Shipping From Amazon Without a $25 Minimum Purchase”

  1. Amazon is pushing their Prime membership more than ever. Every order brings this message: (insert name) we’re giving you a chance to join Amazon Prime
    ✓ Fast, FREE Delivery
    ✓ Exclusive deals and discounts
    ✓ Endless entertainment and so much more!
    If you click OK, the tiny print on the next screen says: “By signing up, you agree to the Amazon Prime Terms and authorize us to charge your default payment method or another payment method on file. Your Amazon Prime membership continues until cancelled. If you do not wish to continue for $6.49/month + any taxes, you may cancel any time by visiting Your Account. For customers in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska please visit the Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits page to check various shipping options.” $6.49/month = $77.88/year, so this is a better deal than $119/year you’re seeing. Still, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking it’s free.

  2. I don’t keep lists and go out very little (ramps at my front door are not for decoration); when I need something I use the mouse and order NOW. Amazon is at my door several times a week, usually with multiple packages, so I get my money’s worth of the Prime cost. However, I applaud anyone who can figure out a way to minimize Amazon’s grab of a consumer’s wallet.

    There is also an amusement value as I watch a bag of cable ties, hardly larger than a #10 envelope, delivered in a box ~12x10x6 with air pillows as space takers.

  3. When I noted the title of this week’s Mouse Print, I wondered if this was the “trick”. Like you, there is no way I purchase enough from Amazon to justify Prime but, after purchasing a plumbing part last night, I shopped around for two lesser cost items that I would have skipped were it not for the free shipping. So a win-win for both the customer (me) and Amazon.

    I think this is a new promotion for the fall quarter.

    • Not a new promotion. I get that offer every time I order something & for at least the last year or so. I get most of my non-food items through Amazon as I do not have a car & trying to shop for some things by bus is just too difficult. I always make sure my order totals $25.00 so I do not pay for shipping (so paying for Prime isn’t worth it for me).

  4. This is generous.

    I think you’re right, this is an attempt to get people to add a few extra things to an Amazon order they already opened. I’ve mostly given up on Amazon. Things on there are getting more expensive and they’re pushing their subscription non-stop. I just don’t have any interest in it.

  5. The only issue I have found with free shipping for non-prime members is it is usually there slowest method and have had to wait from 1-2 weeks to get the item when with Prime it comes next day.

  6. I had this happen for me first in March or April but I didn’t need anything else so I didn’t try it. In June however I ordered something and realized later that night I had forgotten something so I ordered it separately instead of dealing with hassle of modifying the original order. Interestingly enough the second order arrived before the first, and for subsequent orders where I have done this ‘trick’ the second order has arrived days ahead. For my area it seems the extended free shipping is more like 2-day shipping. I have access to same day and next day delivery so it might be different in smaller towns.

    • I also don’t purchase enough on Amazon to justify Prime. Living on a rural delivery route outside a small town, I can’t get next day delivery anyway. Sometimes Walmart can make the 2 day delivery, though.

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