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Here We Shrink Again – Spring 2023

Some big brands are continuing to downsize their products as shrinkflation continues.

Bounty Paper Towels

In the seemingly never-ending shrinking of Bounty towels, the double rolls have just gone down from 98 select-a-size sheets to just 90. The new packages are noticeably lighter.


Bounty 98-90

The triple rolls of Bounty were also downsized from 147 select-a-size sheets per roll to 135. Thanks to Richard G. for spotting that.

Gain Detergent

P&G continued its downsizing with Gain liquid laundry detergent. The now standard 92-ounce size just lost four ounces and is down to only 88 ounces. It is hard to tell any difference between the bottles. Could Tide be next?


Gain detergent 92-88 oz

Oreo Double Stuf Cookies

People have been complaining about the amount of filling (the “stuf”) in Oreos decreasing lately. We don’t know if it has actually changed or not. But one thing for sure is some of their packages are getting smaller. In addition to regular Oreos and some of gluten-free ones, the family size bags of Double Stuf Oreos now have four fewer cookies in each bag. Perhaps the family got smaller.



Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Dawn is another one of those brands that periodically changes sizes. This time, the 19.4-ounce bottle was downsized to 18 ounces. Did you notice?



BD Syringes

Colleen M. reported that even medical products are getting downsized. In particular, BD brand syringes used for injecting insulin have gone from 100 in a box down 10-percent to just 90. Yet, the package erroneously still says there are 10 multi-packs inside when there are really only nine. Our consumer went on to say, “The packaging has not changed at all, the box is the same size (making people think they are getting the same amount), but we are now getting 10% less.”

BD syringes

Sara Lee Bagels

When you buy a baker’s dozen of bagels, you get one additional bagel. What do you call it when you buy a pakcage of Sara Lee bagels and get one less? Steve C. of Arizona says it is a sneaky change.


Sara Lee bagels

Umpqua Frozen Yogurt

This brand of ice cream and frozen yogurt, primarily distributed in western states, was one of the last holdouts to reduce their 56-ounce containers to 48 ounces. Thanks to Janet W. and Michael F. for this tip.



Crest Gum Detoxify

P&G continues to shrink various varieties of their toothpastes. This time it is Crest Detoxify which went from 4.1 ounces to 3.7 ounces — about a 10% reduction.


Crest Detoxify

Kettle Potato Chips

Snack foods, and in particular potato chips, are one of the categories of groceries that keep being downsized. This time, it is Kettle potato chips going from 8.5-oz. bags to 7.5-oz. bags.


Kettle potato chips

All Free & Clear Pacs

Another category subject to periodic shrinkage is laundry detergents. This time, it is All Free & Clear’s turn, where the number of laundry pacs in one of their larger sizes had gone from 66 to down 60. So you get a half a dozen fewer loads per bag.


All Free & Clear

Kellogg’s Corn Pops

They used to call these “Sugar Pops” years ago, but Kellogg’s found a healthier-sounding way to market them. The small 10-ounce box appears to be getting company in places like drugstores with an even smaller box being introduced –one with over 20-percent less. To see them head-on, they look identical.


Kellogg's Corn Pops

We asked Kellogg’s if the 7.8 oz. size was replacing the 10-oz. one. Customer service responded, “Both sizes are currently in the market and it is up the retailer to decide which sizes they will carry.” Walgreens apparently carries both at the moment, and at the same price.

Corn Pops at Walgreens

The large size of Corn Pops also is being downsized from 14.3 ounces to 13.1 ounces. The new box is actually taller than the old one (but narrower), costs 20 cents more at our Stop & Shop, and provides nine servings instead of ten!

Kellogg's Corn Pops Large

Ortega Taco Shells

Nick B. told us about Ortega taco shells in “new look” packages, that almost an ounce going from 5.8 ounces to 4.9. And he said, they no longer came in a protective tray. The change took place around the fall of 2022.


Ortega tacos

Thanks to all our submitters. If you find an item that has recently gotten smaller, please send a sharp, side-by-side picture of the old and new product, showing the net weight or net count to Edgar (at symbol) ConsumerWorld.org . Thanks!

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18 thoughts on “Here We Shrink Again – Spring 2023”

  1. Make a list of these downsized products and do not buy them again. Find a good substitute and let the companies feel the $$$ pain. Perhaps some shopping research will yield suggestions for substitutes.

    • Easier still to just adjust your thinking and train yourself to know the unit prices. Once you start buying your chips, ice cream, etc. by per/oz, per/gal etc., you enjoy the freedom of not caring what the scan price or package size is.

    • The problem will come when you have nothing you buy at the grocery store.

      Shrinkflation stinks but we are not the only country going through it.

  2. I have been buying Ultra Ajax Triple Action 28 oz. size for years. Recently, there is something different about the bottles. I still had a bottle that I bought a while ago to compare to the newer bottles that I bought. They are the SAME number of ounces, but I THINK the liquid is “thinner” than the older bottle because when I squirt some on the sponge, it comes flowing out a lot faster than previous bottles?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  3. Regarding the Sara Lee Bagels – did you notice that although the number of bagels is reduced the net weight of the package increased? Are they now providing fewer, but bigger bagels? Some people might actually consider that a plus.

    • no no no……

      6 bagels in a 20oz package is 3.3333333 ounces a bagel

      5 bagels in a 16.7oz package is 3.4 ounces a bagel

      I would say hardly any difference in size here for what would be the same price.

  4. Blue Bell has been my rock, my stone, my port of call for avoiding downsized products. Everything else I just assume I’m going to have to compare oz to slices to price to check on the value of the product I’m buying.

    Also, 7.8oz for a “box” of cereal is a real crime. That’s barely a couple of bowls of cereal per box. Chips and cereal are always cyclical though. Next the family size will become the new normal size and then they’ll come out with a new family size again.

    • Well to be accurate that 7.8 ounce box is supposed to have 6 servings in the box which is not much at all.

  5. Can’t be sure but just opened new box of tastykake krimpets and are much smaller. Now pk six are 2oz Just saw wrigleys extra gum smaller too.
    Do they think we’re stupod

  6. Someone should check to see if Pepperidge Farm cookies now contain fewer chips per cookie. They seem to.

    Also various toothpaste tubes feel like they contain more air and more foaminess (?air) in the actual product.

  7. I wish I had seen this sooner. I have to tell you that I still have an 8 “Double Plus” Roll pack of Bounty from the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 that has 90 sheets per roll. What has gone down is the total inches on each roll, meaning each sheet on the newer one is smaller. Mine have a total of 560 ft. while the new “shrunken” one above still has 90 sheets per roll but has only 486 ft. I also have a 12 Double roll pack of Bounty Prints with 128 sheets per roll purchased this year at BJs that has a total of 691 ft. I think how many sheets you get per “Double” roll, the size of each sheet and the total footage can vary depending where you buy it. It’s a shill game they play to keep customers confused. I suspect the better values are at either Costco or BJs, which are where I buy my paper towels.

    • Someone on Reddit clued me in to a substitute for paper towels. There are “Swedish dish cloths” from Amazon that are reusable cellulose sheets. They’re thicker and quite absorbent, and you can even wash them in with your clothes. I use them to mop up most spills (except pet gunk… yuck!) and my paper towel packages last much longer.

  8. I just bought a 1.1 oz. tube of Lotrimin antifungal cream.
    It came in a large box 3 times bigger than the tube, with a special compartment for the little tube. You are not fooling anyone, Bayer!

  9. I asked Umpqua about the shrinkflation for their ice cream and frozen yogurt. Their reply was that although they wanted to continue selling products at 1.75 qts. (remember when ice cream was sold in 1/2 gallon/ 2 qt sizes), but they could Not get the larger containers from their supplier because every other brand had reduced their sizes.

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