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Here We Shrink Again – Spring 2024 – Part 1

Some big brands are continuing to downsize their products despite some easing of the inflation rate… so shrinkflation continues in 2024. A half dozen products are below, and next week we’ll feature another six.


People have been complaining about the dollop of creme inside regular Oreos seems to have gotten much smaller. We can’t tell if that is the case with the regular size packages of Oreos, but this product that has been 14.3 ounces for years, just went down 13.29. And similarly, the regular size package of Double Stuf Oreos also decreased.


Oreo regular size pkg

Oreo Double Stuf

In addition, Oreo Thins, with less cream and a thinner cookie is reducing the number of cookies in each package by about four. The “family size” is now only 11.78 ounces down from 13.1. Thanks to Richard G. for spotting the change in Oreo Thins.


Oreo Thins

Kellogg’s Froot Loops

Regular purchasers of Froot Loops might not have noticed a change in the net weight of their cereal because looking at old and new boxes on the supermarket shelf appear to be unchanged. Richard G. spotted the first change in January.


Froot Loops

They have gone from 10.1 oz. to 8.9 oz. first and then to 7.9 oz. What magic did Kellogg’s perform?


Froot Loops Tops

The way Kellogg’s accomplishes the package looking the same on the shelf, is to simply narrow the box. Soon they may not be able to stand up anymore. The two shown above were found at a CVS in March 2024 and both were priced the same. We asked Kellogg’s about the way they made the packaging change and if the 7.9 oz. size is made just for places like drugstores. They did not respond to us.

Cottonelle Ultra Clean

Toilet paper is one of the product categories where we see ever-shrinking rolls. And Cottonelle is no exception. The new Cottonelle is supposedly “thicker and stronger” but look how much small the new package is. The old 321-sheet rolls are now only 284-sheets. Thanks to our ace shrinkflation detective, Richard G. for spotting this change.



Puffs Tissues

These Puffs tissues lost eight tissues in every box, going from 56 down to 48. Thanks to Jack K. whose thoughts about Puffs led us to this example.



Ritz Bits

Snack foods have always been prime targets for shrinkflation. Here, Ritz Bits went from 8.8 ounces per bag down to 7.5.


Ritz Bits

If you find a product recently hit by shrinkflation, please take side-by-side pictures of the old and new, including the net weight or net count and email them to Edgar(at)ConsumerWorld.org . Thanks!

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17 thoughts on “Here We Shrink Again – Spring 2024 – Part 1”

  1. Grandma Cookies. In the 90’s I used to buy a 2 pk of a particular flavor (peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, fudge, etc.) cookie. The cookie was at one time 4 inches in diameter, 2 per package for 99 cents. Over the years they have slowly shrunk to their current size of 2 inches, remaining at 99 cents. Just recently the price has risen to $1.49.

    • I agree! I *loved* Hydrox as a kid and never like Oreo. (Oreos in ’50s and ’60s had too much creme for my taste.)

    • Hydrox is available periodically from Amazon. I also just found them at of all places, Menard’s Home Improvement stores.

      • Interestingly, today’s regular Oreo cookies resemble Hydrox a lot. The creme layer is thin, the way Hydrox was.

  2. When will the US see labels like Carrefour is using in France…. “This product has seen its weight decrease and the price charged by our supplier increase.

    • I would love to see that. At least Carrefour and Pepsi recently made up and the Pepsi products are back on store shelves.

  3. I remember when those cube tissue boxes contained 80 tissues. It’s almost in half now. Add the fact that the price of a box has doubled in recent years and you do the math. We’re paying double for half the amount of just a few years ago. It’s not just shrinkflation, it’s inflation on top of that.

    And those cereal boxes already don’t stand up. They often make them taller to look bigger even as they are thinner and actually contain less. I’ve written to companies telling them I refuse to buy them anymore because they won’t fit in any cabinet in my kitchen now. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    Speaking of grocery inflation, a study showed that supermarket profits here in CT were up 7% last year, which is way higher than normal. So now even the supermarkets are taking advantage and cashing in on scamming the customer. Our AG has vowed to look into this.

    • The Senate down in Australia this week had the two major grocery store CEO’s in for a grilling over the record profits that the companies of Coles and Woolworths have. Youtube videos news reports are up to view.

      Brad Banducci from Woolworths is one of the worst CEO’s I have ever seen.

  4. I used to love Oreos, I would buy them a couple of times a year! But a few years back they seemed to lose a lot of the chocolate goodness. I am one of those ‘outliers’ that would scrape off the cream & just eat the cookie, yummy! So, less cream wouldn’t bother me.

  5. This is why I’ve altered my buying habits; instead of just buying convenience foods such as cookies, I’ve begun just making my own, along with switching to home-made products. Sure, takes a little more time, but at least they don’t have all those added chemicals and preservatives.

    Instead of buying those dinky little toilet paper rolls, I just buy the huge commercial wipe rolls they use in store restrooms. Sure, it’s not so soft, but certainly lasts a lot longer and works out to be cheaper than the store-sold ripoffs.

    Extraordinary times require extraordinary shifts in habits.

  6. For the most part, I have simply stopped buying brand name items. Not worth the added expense as well as the reduced sizes. I use store brands whenever possible. I usually shop Kroger. Their digital coupons and MegaBuys save a ton of money. I also recommend Costco membership. Paper products, coffee, spices, etc are much cheaper there.

    In todays world, we need to shop smart. I appreciate these updates on downsizing. They reinforce the choices I’ve made over the years.

  7. Thinner TP with 1 ply, you use TWICE as much. because it tears and crumbles, same with kleenex ( any brand ) or paper towels.

    Also, note the big air pockets in the margarine tubs, too. I cannot afford to buy butter. I tried making my own a couple of times but all I did was waste the ingredients which are costly, too.

  8. Eight ounces of ice cream for what was once the price of a pint within our lifetimes. Only a matter of time.

  9. The Fruit Loops one is really crazy. Those boxes are down to 3-4 bowls of cereal a box at this point. I try to only shop based on price per OZ, but nobody can do that all the time it’s exhausting.

    • Sugared cereals are A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY (and UNHEALTHY TO BOOT). Why not just eat a large spoon of sugar & drink a glass of milk?

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