Fine Print Articles

Below are links to articles about fine print:

1. Comments of a former FTC chairman:

“Consumers shouldn’t have to use a magnifying glass to read important terms and conditions of any offer, ” says Timothy J. Muris, FTC chairman. “Burying important terms in mouseprint is illegal, unethical, and ultimately bad business.” He pledged to take action against offenders. —Consumer Reports, January 2002

2. Big Print. Little Print. What’s the Deal?  How to Disclose Details (FTC)

3. FTC Enforcement Policy concerning advertising disclosures.

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1 thought on “Fine Print Articles”

  1. Since many companies print the name of their company and product in large
    letters, I think a law should be passed by the FTC to make the printing of
    the warranties and restrictions at least half the size of the company name.
    This will really help the consumer immensely and perhaps keep the companies
    a little more honest.

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