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March 18, 2006


Filed under: — Edgar (aka MrConsumer) @ 3:19 pm

Please Help Support Mouse Print*

Edgar Dworsky For 25 years, Consumer World, the creator of Mouse Print*, has served readers with the latest consumer news, money-saving tips, and independent investigations. It is your generosity (and not advertising nor corporate contributions) that keeps Mouse Print* and Consumer World available as free consumer resources. So MrConsumer turns to you and humbly asks for your support again this year. Your gift will be most appreciated.

Mouse Print* welcomes the submission of current advertising where the fine print footnote or disclaimer substantially changes the meaning of the offer.  Most advertising has fine print.  What Mouse Print* is looking for are examples of ads that are so misleading or surprising that one has to marvel at the advertiser’s ingenuity, laugh out loud, or be shocked.

Fine print surprises on product labels are also submission-worthy.

Submissions should include a scan of the advertisement or a link to it, the name of the advertiser, and the date and place the ad appeared. By submitting an ad, you grant Mouse Print* the right to publish the submission, with or without attribution, and you affirm that the copy of the advertisement submitted is authentic.

Email submissions to: edgar (at symbol)


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