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Woot: Got a Problem? It’s Your Fault!

Woot.com was likely the first site to only sell a single item per day at rockbottom prices. Every night at midnight, they discontinue offering that day’s product and introduce a new one.

How do they survive only selling one product per day?  For one, they can sell a lot of them. On a recent day, they sold 2500 Logitech mice. Even Amazon does not sell that many a day. Another way they save money is through customer service (or lack there of). The following is not an April Fool’s joke:



At least they have a sense of humor about their (almost) all sales final policy.Whether customers find it funny may be a different story.

Woot will try to make good on defective goods if all else fails.

[For many stories about Woot from happy customers, please read the comments section below.] 

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55 thoughts on “Woot: Got a Problem? It’s Your Fault!”

  1. Ordered Dyson Canister Vac DC21 in the last Woot Off. The vacuum arrived NDOA (nearly dead)…clearly defective. Contacted Dyson first, who said they had gotten hundreds of phone calls that day on similar units. That rep suggested that service may be very lengthy due to this volume, and no service centers are in our area. Contacted Woot for an RMA, they sent an RMA but expect us to pay shipping on a unit that never worked….so we can pay shipping to get an NDOA unit fixed or returned. Looks like my days with Woot have ended.

  2. Say what you want, Woot screwed up this time. I recently purchased a couple of the ATI TV tuner cards and their specs said it had certain connections. Turns out it needs a cable to provide the audio connections I was looking for. Woot’s solution was to send out an email saying I had to go through a no cost purchase process to get the cables and they would sent them out. Problem is Woot only made the offer good for three days and the email they sent it from is not their normal email so it got caught in spam filters. I found it within 12 hours of the end of the offer and emailed Woot customer service immediately. The answer was Tough Luck. I have sent two additional polite emails and none have been responded to. I haven’t heard on an RMA either.

    Woot does a good job of keeping their public image up but their practice is to keep the problems off the site and keep the customers they screwed isolated. This is the second problem I have had with them in the last three months. Shame on me I guess for going back.

  3. Morris’s comment above is pretty the same thing I ran into. I was honest when I told them that I had not viewed their sizing chart at the time I purchased a shirt from shirt.woot.com. Mostly sizing charts should be pretty standard and there shouldn’t be a reason to look at it unless you really don’t know the sizing. I purchased a shirt for a niece of mine that I was going to give as a gift. when I pulled it out of the package I noticed how small it was. A woman’s large size t-shirt should not be that small. Comparing against one of my wife’s shirt in a medium showed it to be about the same size. I’m not thrilled at the quality of the fabric of the shirt either but then again I guess you get what you pay for. Woot is not getting another dime of my money in the future. Burned by them once, I won’t do it again.

  4. Its interesting that you get great reviews for woot and then they stop and (BAM!!) you here everything thats wrong. Almost like you had RMA@woot.com reps answer this blog and not there emails!

    Well I am about to fight the good fight, I bought a TV from MOOFI.WOOT and it happens that Woot charged me twice and the website is saying they are sending me two 40″ 1080P tv’s. I already have a nice TV and just wanted one for the bedroom.

    I will report on what happens this is where I am at; two hours after ordered I saw the double payment called the bank stop both credit card payments (always use credit online). Emailed Woot and told them to cancel the entire order because of the lack of phone numbers available to reach them in a bind such as this. I understand that mistakes happen so we will see how they handle it.

  5. All those here claiming Woot customer service is GREAT, must be Woot employees or their PR agency! There is a reason they have a C minus rating with the Better Business Bureau! I ordered a camera that NEVER arrived. This was my second order with them. Woot customer service would NOT respond to complaints other than giving me a darn complaint number. Customer service phone number does NOT exist. Fed Ex SmartPost, not so smart either. Their “money back guarantee” apparently also does NOT exist. Someone at the Garland Texas Post office has my camera, but they claim all they received was a label. Yea right! So I get NO product, NO tracking, NO customer service. But my bank has NO problem charging Woot back for their non-existant customer service!

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