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Tropicana: Please Don’t Squeeze the Customer

Manufacturers are rushing to downsize their products as a sneaky way to raise the price without the customer realizing it many times. As this proliferates, we are going to see fewer and fewer standard size products on supermarket shelves.

The quart of mayonnaise has gone by the wayside, as has the three pound tub of margarine. Now it is orange juice’s turn. Typically sold by the quart, half gallon, three quart jug, and gallon, we are beginning to see oddball sizes replace the old standard ones.

Tropicana is the latest to downsize just in the past few weeks. Their three quart jug no longer holds 96 ounces.



Seven ounces are gone from the jug. Side by side, the difference in jug shape is obvious, but consumers rarely get to see the old and the new together on a supermarket shelf. While they may notice the shape is different, they may not realize they are getting almost a cup less of oj. According to one supermarket dairy manager, the price has stayed the same.

And as is often the case when a product is downsized, the manufacturer diverts your attention away from the net weight statement by pointing out something new. In this case, they discontinued the old screw cap and added a new flip top one. On second thought, maybe the company just found a new way to screw customers.

A Tropicana customer service representative explained the company’s position:

The downsizing from 96 to 89 ounces wasn’t a decision we took lightly. As you are aware, oil costs have skyrocketed. Oil is used to make plastic bottles, fuel our factories, and ship our juice across the country in refrigerated trains and trucks. We had the choice to either increase prices or to downsize the bottle. We chose to downsize the bottle but add value through the innovation of the SNAP cap and new bottle, which consumers were seeking.

Although you may not agree with our decision, we hope you can appreciate that they were made in the best interest of our consumers and shareholders.

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54 thoughts on “Tropicana: Please Don’t Squeeze the Customer”

  1. In shopping the other day, I noted the new size juice container. It hold approx 8% less juice and yet the price is the same, this equates to my decision, to convey this to everyone that I have a conversation with that once again greed has prevailed, you and you stock holders will certainly be happy to see the downward spiral you will see in the near future, as customer covert to other brands, and products.

  2. Recently Tropicana changed packaging on the 64 oz. containers, they designed the package to look all the same with the exception of an 1/4 inch wide stripe stating the variety. Well it bit them in the a**, because the public responded and the amount of consumers switching to another brand in the few short weeks was huge, and now Tropicana has returned to the old packaging.

    But, Tropicana came out with a “New” product…Trop 50, 50% less sugar, 50% less calories, Hmm…Well look at the first ingredient, Filtered water, Hello, The jug is half water and half juice and it is 59 ounces, If you want less calories just pour your OJ in a glass 1/2 full and fill it up with water, same thing right? Saves you about a buck a container.

    The American public just needs to be more observant of what they are buying and tell the companies that we are really not as stupid as they might think we are and to quit ripping us off!

  3. Changing is always part of its Packaging,As a Consumer being a wise buyer I always make it a point to check the changes especially the size of the product itself.Downsizing is obviously seen by the regular consumers patronizing the product.For all the wise buyers out there beware and think twice.

  4. Florida’s Natural has a great product and I hope their business increases 10 fold with what Tropicana has done. Imagine their gall bragging about their new container of 59 oz and charging more than their previous 64 oz size!
    I’m all yours Florida’s Natural!!

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