Spoof of New Credit Card Law

The second phase of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD Act) goes into effect today.

In the past few months, however, credit card issuers have been busy making fine print changes to their rules before the reigns tighten, as this satirical video points out. [ Direct link to video if box below is blank, but in Windows 7, you must use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer or Firefox.]


You can be sure that credit card companies will find new and clever fees and loopholes in the law to help offset any loss of revenue suffered as a result of the new rules. Keep your eye on those fine print notices!

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1 thought on “Spoof of New Credit Card Law”

  1. Did anyone REALLY thing the CC industry was going to allow themselves to take a hit? These people are criminals in nice suits. As far as getting banged with a credit hit because you don’t have a card, it’s true. I don’t own a card, pay all my bills on time and my credit rating took a 30 point hit because, you guessed it, I don’t have a credit card!! Keep in mind I have a mortgage and car payment that I always pay on time so they can track my payment habits. As far as I’m concerned, they can shove their CCs. My advice, consolidate your CC debt into one loan. You will pay a lower interest rate than the CC company charges. Then CUT THE DAMN THINGS UP and control your spending! Owning a credit card is like “owing the company store”. If you don’t act now, you will NEVER get out from under them because CC companies are actively working to make sure you don’t.

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