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Fidelity Cuts Credit Card Benefits

If you have a Fidelity Investments credit card (most pay 2% cash back), you may have recently received an email with good news. They are adding a new benefit to your card — a free version of NortonLifeLock protection.

However, if you didn’t read the fine print, you may have missed an even more important announcement.


Fidelity benefits cut

That’s right. They are getting rid of two core benefits of their card — extended warranty and collision damage waiver. Many big card issuers did away with doubling the manufacturer’s warranty and some other benefits a few years ago, but Fidelity held on.

You can no longer assume that you can use any card in your wallet and get rental car and warranty protection automatically. If you are counting on these protections, call your card issuer in advance of purchase or rental to double-check if your card still provides them.

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8 thoughts on “Fidelity Cuts Credit Card Benefits”

  1. This is getting ridiculous. One of the only reasons that I even carry a credit card is to put rental cars on it. If my card ever cuts rental car coverage, I’ll probably just drop the card and pay with a debit in the future.

    • Most car rental companies won’t take Debit cards because they’re tied to your bank account’s balance.

      • I do business almost exclusively with Hertz and they haven’t given me issues with using a debit card, but it’s all round trip weekly rentals and they take a $250 deposit.

        When I went to California and got a Mustang convertible for the week, you can bet they wanted a credit card though HAHA!

    • You made my day – screen door on a submarine hysterical. Thank you. Totally agree with you the Norton Lifelock is a waste of money.

  2. Not exactly ‘fine print’ since the font is the same size as the rest & the “here’s what’s changing” is larger (so draws your eye down to the announcement).

  3. Before receiving the email from Fidelity, I received a letter in the mail clearly stating the changes. I also saw the changes in the email but it was no surprise because I already knew. I’m sad to see the benefits go but I see nothing wrong with the way it was handled.

  4. I agree with Dave, above. They’ve deleted two very useful benefits in exchange for adding a crappy one.

    Dan Kap,
    Buckeye, AZ

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