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Old Navy Deceptive Pricing Case Settled

In 2019, we reported that a Washington state consumer was suing Old Navy for advertising phony discounts from artificially high regular or original prices. [See complaint.] Now, lawyers announced they have reached a tentative settlement subject to court approval. No details of the settlement were released, but some type of payment to affected shoppers is likely, along with some guidelines on future advertising of discounts.

Lawyers for the consumer really prepared for this case by tracking millions of prices on the Old Navy website for two years, and found that those items virtually never sold for the stated full, regular price. Since most merchandise at Old Navy is their own brand, the company sets its own inflated list/regular/original price on their goods thus making their current sale prices seem like bigger bargains than they really are.


Old Navy Pants

As an example from Old Navy’s website earlier this year, the crossed-out price of $34.99 allegedly was rarely if ever charged, so shoppers are being misled into believing that they will save over $22 on this item if purchased now.

We’ll post information in Consumer World on how to file a claim in the Old Navy when the settlement is finalized.

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4 thoughts on “Old Navy Deceptive Pricing Case Settled”

  1. Just like Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, etc. all the clothes are made overseas, mainly in China. The smart shopper always waits for items to go on sale and they always do.

  2. There’s so many instances of this type of advertising. I have gotten into the habit of just completely disregarding anything except the price on the tag for clothing.

    At least for electronics you can price comparison and check price histories, but they change the information on clothes so often it’s impossible to buy the same pair of pants twice. If I don’t think the current price is a good price, I just don’t buy it. $40 pants on sale for $20 that are worth $10 to me are still only worth $10.

  3. Kohls, Macy’s Penneys, they all do it. Nothing any of them sells is ever off sale, it’s just how much of a sale and how big a coupon they’ll give you that makes the difference. I wonder why all of them don’t also get in trouble for it.

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