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Gorilla Glue: Toughest Glue on Planet Earth*

Gorilla glue No one wants a weak glue. So it is a good thing we can buy Gorilla Glue which the maker claims is “the toughest glue on planet earth.”

Even on their website in answer to the question, “Is it really the Toughest Glue on Planet Earth,” they say “Gorilla Glue is an all purpose adhesive. If used correctly, it will bond just about anything and for just about forever. It is free of solvents and fillers which makes it both strong and versatile. There are some things that are just difficult to glue, such as certain plastics, but we are confident that once you’ve tried Gorilla Glue, you will be more than satisfied with the results.” [GorillaGlue.com FAQ, August 1, 2006]

So, pretty much, they are sticking to their claim. The makers of Elmer’s Glue, however, were not buying it. They challenged that advertised claim with the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau [NAD]. Elmer’s argued that “the toughest glue on planet earth” was a specific, superiority claim and wanted to see their substantiation.

According to NAD, Gorilla Glue provided no evidence to support its superiority claim, but offered this explanation:

*MOUSE PRINT: The “toughest glue” claim was mere puffery and “is so broad in scope, so general in nature, and so exaggerated in content, that no reasonable consumer would believe it to be a superiority claim.”

If that kind of logic were allowed to stand, then any advertiser could make specific claims about their products and defend those claims by in essence saying that a consumer would have to be an idiot to believe our advertising.

The NAD adhered to their set of interpretations of what constitutes a real claim and what constitutes puffery, and ruled against Gorilla Glue. They recommended discontinuing the claim on their packages and in advertising.

Gorilla is appealing the case, but somehow the “just kidding” disclaimer has not yet found its way onto the product.

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73 thoughts on “Gorilla Glue: Toughest Glue on Planet Earth*”

  1. I’m shocked people like Gorilla Glue. I’ve used it twice and think it sucks. First it had a tough time holding a metal to metal connection. Most recently I used it for a wood project and it expands a bit, lifting one piece of wood away from the other and oozing out between the pieces. Took me an hour to chip it away.

  2. Yes, you need to get the catalytic reaction going with a very small amount of water. And yes, it expands as it cures. That’s the way it works. So you do have to clamp the objects being glued into position before the expansion begins–probably something like 10-15 minutes. That’s plenty of time and about the length of time you have to get your clamps in place when using the usual woodworking glues. My own experience is that when there’s enough stress on a wood-to-wood joint that Titebond or similar won’t hold, I then go back into the joint, brushing as much Gorilla Glue into the crack as I can (not the best way to glue a wood joint, but in these cases the only remedy possible other than breaking apart all the other joints that did hold and essentially destroying the object). In all cases where I’ve been reduced to using this remedy for bad cabinet-making it has worked. Therefore, quite aside from claims of “toughest,” which is an unveriable claim to begin with as several readers have already pointed out, I highly recommend this glue for tough-to-glue wood joints where Titebond and similar have failed. Follow the directions; and use clamps.

  3. Come on people be smart here. If you let your dogs and kids play with glue you are STUPID. Duh it is harmful to them i mean use common sense. If it foams then no DUH it should be kept away from children and pets. I mean god gave MOST of us brains USE THEM.

  4. I think Gorilla Glue is the very best glue on eartn!! I built a boat 3′ wide by 10′ long out of 1/4″ cabinet cd plywood. I’ve left it outside in the rain, the sun, the fog, the snow and I’ve used it consistently as my fishing boat which when launched with 3 adult persons, all their fishing gear, a 60 lb. trolling battery and troling motor it has served me well with no leaks and no breakage for 1 year. I used the “stitch and glue” method and no screws or nails. Believe me, I’m very tough on my boat. It defies my every effort to break a glue joint. I even dropped it off of the pickup truck that I was using to haul it to the lake. After a tumble at 40 MPH on a gravel road, it went fishing without a leak or a crack. Good stuff!! I cant wait to try out your tape for seam tape on my next boat project.

  5. Can someone please help me,Im not here to debate whether Gorilla Glue works or not !! I need to know how to remove it after it has dried !!!! My prescription sunglasses broke and a girl at work said DONT WORRY I HAVE GORILLA GLUE AT HOME AND I CAN FIX THEM!! So she took them home well,,,she said it didnt hold ((and it was the nose piece that had broken(the glasses in two)) well the problem is in her attempt to fix for me she got the glue on the one eye glass….The prescription sunglasses could be repaired I could pop the lenses out and get new frames but with the glue on the lens I cant use them….Does any one know what will remove the glue without harming the tinted lens ????Thank you in advance!!!!!

  6. Sorry, but the only way i have ever found is to scrape it off with a razor blade. So in this case, I think you may be out of luck.

  7. all polurethane glues are the same they all have polyurethane in them i hope i can end all this talk about glue

  8. I have gorilla glue on my kitchen counters and want to get it off. Does anyone know how?
    I already tried acetone, Goof Off and Goo Gone. I’m afraid to scrape my formica counter.

  9. Elmer’s Ultimate glue took out an ad saying their glue was 40% stronger than Gorilla. I don’t think they could make such a claim unless it were true.

  10. My husband makes fun of me because I am always trumpeting Gorilla Glue. So far I have had glued my concrete bird bath back together (3 years ago), glued the handle back onto the microwave, repaired a plastic door inside the fridge, and glued ceramic pots back together. Then there was the espadrille shoes, pearls back into their jewelry, legs back onto the wooden dresser, repaired a splintered wood stool, and the list goes on. I will say this, today I just bought the Gorilla Glue which dries white ( the yellow is unsightly if you over pour ) and in my hot living room in florida, it wasnt reacting as normal. So I moved the project into a cool room and it seems fine. SuperGlue was the so called miracle of my generation, and over the years I have been disappointed by it 150% of the time. But I have now discovered Super Glue GEL which I also like for delicate china repairs. They should have come up with the GEL concept YEARS ago.
    PS> Gorilla Glue does NOT come out of clothes. Just confirmed that today. :^(

  11. A solvent called “Goof Off” will remove Gorilla Glue (I’d use a scraper first to debulk the mass, where practical. It has removed almost everything I’ve thrown it at in five years of use. It’s grweat for remving labels, ad will even remove the plastic-ink-screened label on many containers like detergent bottles and Folger’s plastic tins (removing plastic from plastic, leaving a pristine surface is a challenge, but it manages quite nicely!)

    To preserve the underlying surface, I suggest using the barest minimum – *lightly* moisten a paper towel and use that to barely dampen the surface. If it doesn’t completely work immediately, give it 1-3 minutes to work, rather than applying it more heavily before trying to remove it It’s a mixture of various solvents, and the more potent ones seem to be more volatile, so I wouldn’t give it much more than 3 minutes (but the less volatile solvents keep most adhesives from resticking, when the more volatile solvents are largely gone — for a while)

    Of course, it’s not very healthy stuff, and I’d wear gloves (and maybe an activated charcoal respirator) if using it for more than a small job, depending on how cautious you are. Still it works, and leaves no trace.

  12. I recently used gorilla glue on a broken plastic tray for my printer. According to the directions on the bottle, I applied water to one surface and glue to the other, and clamped it together overnight. I had my doubts that it would hold up since it took quite a bit of strain on the glued joint to snap the tray back onto the printer. The glued joint held up and I am quite impressed with strength of the joint. As explained in another post, don’t forget to apply water to one of the surfaces to be glued.

  13. Gorilla Glue stinks on ice. I’ve used on several things from furniture to plastics to marine hardware and the stuff is hard to work with – it expands upon first application and makes a mess. Over time it dries out, crumbles and loses strength…and for an application in any kind of water-borne environment it’s absolutely worthless. This stuff is hype. I’m sure if you wanted to hold a couple of pieces of wood together it would be OK. Call me old fashoined but what about Crazy Glue??? I still have the bottle around cause I hate to waste the money – but I never use it. There’s way better glues out there only a few feet fom the checkout line at Home Depot. Don’t belive the hype.

  14. I bought this glue thinking it would be great glue for around the house needs. Turns out this glue is crap. I’ve used it on toys, wood, cups and the vehicles and doesn’t hold up over time. Will never buy again. States on bottle” For the Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth” Ha-Ha!

  15. I puchased Gorilla wood glue & super glue to repair a chair & a porcelain statue. I used Gorilla super glue on the porcelain & it failed to bond. I made several attempts at it & then gave up. I purchased a bottle of Rhino glue. The bottle ad reads “Glues Virtually anything!” & “The Last Glue You’ll Ever Need!”. My wife’s porcelain is now in one peice. Both glues’ main ingredient is Cyanoacrylate. With my experience I’ll Stick (no pun intended) to Rhino glue.

  16. People have used it an it works… why are there people who say GG fails…? Because they didn’t do it right.

  17. “I have used Gorilla Glue for several years in my home and business. I agree
    that it is the toughest and most versatile glue that I have ever used. From
    glueing wood to wood to plastic to plastic, and metal to metal, is is superior.
    Glueing is not a complicated process with Gorilla Glue. It is the best.
    Comment by JAmmon — September 18, 2006 @ 9:18 am”

    Old argument is old.

  18. i was repairing my eye glasses and got gorilla glue on my lens, is there something i can get to remove this glue are have i ruined them forever?

  19. I just bonded 1.25 acrylic plastic together to make a desk…amazing. I looked at others and decided on the gorilla glue and I am very satisfied. Absolutely Amazing.

  20. I have read all the above amazing comments, but am still wondering if Gorilla Glue works for sticking the hem of a carpet AND for sticking it to the floor or underlay?

  21. I used elmer,s wood glue to glue a dresser drawer that did not last for three days. As a matter of fact iv,e never bonded anything with it that lasted to me and my opinion it sucks. the end

  22. My table saw does not have a disclaimer about pets nor does my automobile tire. That argument is lacking in good judgement. No chemical that is used should be eaten. My Gorilla glue has the following disclaimer: This product contains cyanoacrylate. Will bond skin in seconds. Do not swallow or inhale vapors. Immerse bonded skin in warm soapy water and gently ease apart. Acetone or nail polish remover containing acetone will help un-stick skin. For eyelid bonding, consult a physician. KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN’S REACH. They should add pets? I use it regularly in my shop with excelent results. Read the instructions. A thin layer with light clamping prseeure on a flat surface. It does not fill gaps, infact where there are gaps the joint is weaker. The apparent filling is just the foaming action of the glue and isnt strong at all. It is tough and durable. I also use Elmers wood glue for gluing wood on flat surfaces and have no problem. Use Gofilla glue where it is needed and regular white wood glue where it is practical and there will be no problema at all.

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