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Scott Toilet Paper: Still 1000 Sheets*

scott singleThere are certain things in life you can always count on, literally. One is that Scott toilet paper will have 1000 sheets on the roll and will last a lot longer than its ever-shrinking competitors.

Scott recently released a “Now Improved!” version of the product saying in an ad that it is an “improved long-lasting value.”  “Now with a new soft-textured pattern — and long-lasting convenience.”

What they didn’t boast about was this:

*MOUSE PRINT:  Each of the 1000 sheets is now 3.7 inches instead of the old 4.0 inches long, thus making each roll 300 inches shorter. [Click picture to see old and new packaging and square footage statement.]

In an email, the makers of Scott explained further:

“The new embossed sheet on SCOTT® 1000 bathroom tissue was extensively tested with consumers before it was introduced to the market. Consumer research indicated that the embossed sheet enhanced softness, thickness, and overall product quality. Although consumers preferred this new sheet, we are sorry that you were disappointed. Please be assured that we will share your comments with those involved.

Consumers told us that they preferred our new embossed sheet. To add this feature, we need to choose to either reduce the number of sheets in the roll or decrease the size of each sheet to maintain the overall roll diameter. Consumers favored the smaller sheet to the count reduction. “

Toilet paper, like many products is periodically downsized. You get a little bit less, and typically the package stays the same as does the selling price. It is a clever way to pass on a price increase, since you are paying more per ounce, pound, foot, or whatever.

Thousand sheet toilet paper started out by having sheets that were typically 4.5 inches wide by 4.5 inches long. The length was shortened a bit to 4.4 inches and then to 4.0 inches. With Scott going to 3.7 inches, the other brands are sure to follow. The net result is that 8/10ths of an inch has been shaved from each sheet over the years. That means each roll is 800 inches shorter.

Some improvement.

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129 thoughts on “Scott Toilet Paper: Still 1000 Sheets*”

  1. i been getting scotts and i noticed red bugs on this toilet paper with red dots this was my last roll anyone notice this?!

  2. I thought I was going nuts the past year. It seemed like I kept running out of toilet paper much too frequently. This is so annoying to find out. Does anyone know any brands similar to Scott?


  4. no one has told me the actual measurant of the tubes,I am looking for the diamater of “old” tubes.new is 1 1/2 inches. thanks, G

  5. So what else is new? I’ve been a pro-business type all my life having served as CEO of a number of chambers of commerce.

    Recently I’ve been e-mailing a large of firms complaining about the “screw the consumer” philosophy.

    Check your favorite ice cream maker. Used to get a half-gallon for $x.xx.
    Not any more. You now get 48 oz. instead of 64! Same size (roughly) container…..same damn price.

    Then check soup can sizes, cracker box weights and what is this “Certified Angus Beef” crap. That is NOT a USDA grade for meat.

    I asked one meat manager what grade of beef his store bought. He said: “Select or better.” I asked what percentage was Select and what was Choice or Prime. He said he didn’t know and I’d have to ask headquarters. I did. Shaw’s gave some lame response but no answwer.

  6. I’ve been buying Scott tissue for years! In the last couple of years, I noticed that I had to replace the roll sooner and sooner than in the past. I thought I’d developed a bad paper-wasting habit, but I see the trick now. I’m gonna try Marcal 1000 sheets, see if they are doing the same thing.

  7. I went into my local Safeway two weeks ago, looking for their house brand 12-roll pack of 1000-sheets. It sells for around $8, but is frequently on sale for $5. There was none to be found. The only 12-roll/1000-sheet pack available was Scott, normally $11, on sale for $8. I used to buy this product til the cheaper Safeway brand came along, but now I’m being forced to buy up — and pay substantially more — if I want 1000-sheet rolls.

    Then came the Big Insult. I got home and discovered the sheets that used to be 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches are now 3.7 inches by 4.5! If my rudimentary math skills are still operative, each square has been reduced from 20.25 square inches to 16.65 sq inches! That’s a 17.5% reduction.

    So, hosed on both ends of the deal.

    Toilet paper used to come in sheets of 4.5 x 4.5 or larger, with 650 sheets per roll. A four-pack was 39 to 48 cents. I wouldn’t mind the three decades of inflation if the product were still the same. But it’s not.

    There’s no such thing as truth in packaging anymore. It’s been supplanted by rip-off in packaging. Next time around Scott can go wipe itself!

  8. What a joke after making a comment to Scotts consumer headquarters I was told I was getting a free coupon to appease my dislike of their toilet paper product,I will not buy any of their products anymore I think they are taking advantage of us the consumer. I am two person household I don’t think we should have to use more than a roll a week,my bathroom habits haven’t changed through the years but the toilet tissue has. Shame on Scotts.

  9. Shame on scott tissue, is right!
    I use to have a roll last me 3 weeks! Now its gone in 6 days!
    To those who find this topic silly…well its not about toilet paper..ita about MONEY and the cost of consumer goods and the deceptive practices that are being passed onto the consumers as “improved versions”!
    I wrote scott an email, a week ago, they have yet to reply!
    Maybe we should flood them with emails of discontent, and they might get the hint.
    BTW, their roll of paper towels has shrunk too!

  10. Well, the good news for me is that Scott apparently is still 4.4 inches wide. I have to buy it, because I just found out that both brands of recycled toilet paper I used — Trader Joe’s and Seventh Generation– have reduced the WIDTH of their toilet paper.

    This sound ridiculous, but it’s the difference between being able to use my toilet paper holder or not. I have a toilet paper holder that has no middle part– the toilet paper fits between two bars which have springs in the heads. It’s called a Kohler Finial Toilet Tissue holder — here is a picture: https://www.homecenter.com/ProductDetails.asp?SID=31248.

    The toilet paper has to be 4.4 inches wide, or the holder can’t hold it– the new rolls literally fall right through the two side parts of the toilet paper holder.

    The two sides of the toilet paper holder are drilled into my tile bathroom wall. To move them would be a massive mess… plus, if I move them to fit the current smaller width toilet paper, what happens when it gets even smaller?

    I was shocked that Seventh Generation and Trader Joe’s would reduce the WIDTH of their toilet paper. I mean, go ahead and reduce the length, but the width? Iy yi yi. So I can’t use either brand any more, and will be using Scott– as long as it stays 4.4 inches WIDE.

  11. Does anyone know what happened to Scott’s 2 ply toilet paper? Locally, our groceries are only carrying single ply. This saddens us immensely.

  12. The newer softer toilet paper clogs my toilet. I have to buy the cheapest stuff to get it to flush. My toilet is one of the cheap newer models that uses ”
    “less” water, works out to more if you have to flush 3 times to get the darn crap down.

  13. I used to own a B & B in Cooperstown,NY, between 1989 and 2005 and I LOVED the Scott toilet paper, it was the best and longest lasting, and with 10 bathrooms, a lot less toilet paper changing. Now I am depressed because it has changed. It seems like a little thing, but with all the companies making their little changes, it’s starting to add up. So I am making my own soap, jam, and everything I can make, and doing without the “rip off” items with the exception of toilet paper(still looking for one I like.) Before long even the raw materials will be going up with less amount. No more processed foods, now doing trips to the local produce sellers (I get fresh vegetables for 1/3 the price paid at the supermarket). That’s how I fight back. A little bit of work, but very satisfying…

  14. I’m not certain why anyone would purchase Scott toilet paper. It is so incredibly THIN that it’s in shreds by the time you mangage to get some off of the roll. And I have found that it takes 3 times as much paper to do the same job than Charmin – or any other brand for that matter. My opinion is that it’s crap (pun intended) as is the marketing scam of maintaining 1000 sheets per roll and leaving out the little (but oh so important) tid-bit that each sheet is smaller! The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be.

  15. I recently wrote to Quilted Northern when I noticed their toilet tissue no longer fit between the tabs on my toilet paper holder, (too short)

    >We understand you may have some concerns about the roll width and/or sheet count of Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r). As noted at the bottom of the package, Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r) is about 1/2 inch narrower than before, and we have slightly reduced the sheet count. Because of today’s economy, cost is a factor. We made the decision to slightly reduce the roll to bring you the bathroom tissue you trust and not raise our price to retailers.<

    VERY deceptive! and I told them so!

  16. Toilet paper should be sold by weight. It is about the only supermarket product that does not a have a weight amount on the package. It would be a lot easier for the customer to calculate and compare the actual price and costs between brands. I have thought about taking some toilet paper packages to weigh on the scales in the vegetable section of the supermarket. However, I am sure that would probably be considered unacceptable to actually weigh toilet paper, particularly on the vegetable scales. Hmmm.

  17. i have bought scott tissue for about 35yrs and i do not like the soft tissue you come out with i am very dissatified with it it does not last like the regulare scott does thank you very much i will go back to the regular

  18. I have a stainless stand alone toilet paper dispenser that i find quite attractive. I noticed because now the toilet paper looks rediculous sitting on it. I have to use Scott because of septic so for that reason and that reason only did I notice. I will continue to buy probably because other three bathroooms have in the wall dispensers, but, if you all could see what it looks like,(and it’s in my guest bathroom, an add on) it looks really silly. It is so noticeable and looks crazy like i cut the roll in half to save money.

  19. Dear Scott Management,
    I have read criticisms of your toilet paper quality on this and another site. It is obvious that you have disappointed a number of loyal customers.
    I have examined my new purchase which I find to be only one ply, strong but thin, and now only 4″ X 3&3/4″.
    I know you are pressed to maintain the quality of the product which for years was a seemingly favorite brand of many. Expenses are obvious, and many companies feel the pinch. Still, I naively maintain that you were mistaken in your judgment to change quality.
    If I were management, I would maintain the high quality. OK. It is true your company would profit less. So Scott makes less money. Let’s face it. You are still earning good money if you maintain the product, despite growing expenses. You would have a company that continues its high quality with a wonderful reputation. Isn’t this worth a lot? You could even use this as an advertisement promotion suggesting that “Scott doesn’t compromise.” You have been on the market for so many years. Why damage your reputation?
    Of course– if not cutting back would seriously trouble your company financially– I can understand the change. I don’t know your economics. I am asking you to ask yourself how much you would hurt by maintaining your product. Would your losses be so damaging?
    Keep continuing to read all the negative criticisms and ask yourselves if this is really worth it when you had such an apparently loyal following. So you profit less. I know this is somewhat naive to suggest. But money should not always be your bottom line. You will hardly go broke. You will still profit nicely and carry a longtime reputation for so many years soundly into the future.
    You are the ones with the dollar numbers to crunch. I am not. I only ask you to ask yourself just how necessary a change in quality is.
    Reputation means so much. People loved your product. You had a real following. Will you eventually lose the high regard for your name?

  20. Scott made a change in width. I told customer service that I would rather have an 800 (rather than 1000 sheets) if the width stayed the same.
    I also was offered 2 coupons (I guess to buy Scott again).
    I’m not using the coupons, I’m going to try to find a wider toilet paper
    instead. As far as I remember (65 + years) Scott had our loyalty.
    Not anymore. Remember years ago Coca Cola decided to change their
    formula, guess what, the public protested and they decided to go back to what works. If they want to make more money, let them put the committee
    (that came up with the cost saving idea) on a four day work week. That’ll save the company 20 %. Labor costs are more expensive to any company than srinking size of the product. In Brooklyn NY restaurants diners that have steady customers and the longest return customers are the ones that give large portions of food. So, you can’t eat that much,
    no problem, bring it home and have another meal. They are really prospering. Bottom line, if something works, leave it alone.
    Procter and Gamble (Ivory Soap) are you listening ? I see a lot of comments about Ice Cream, they are pumping it up with air, eventually
    the air has to escape, then the subject is back to toilet paper. I’ve said my piece, and am sticking to it.


  22. I agree the WEIGHT should be on each package of TP. There are a lot of factors consumers might want to consider before making a purchase, so the more information the better.

  23. I have a one handed roll holder, it is two buttons that hold the roll from the sides, no thingy roller that removes. THATS the big f’n deal. And the cheaper brands make a HUGE cardboard roll thats super heavy so it feels heavy and beefy. Scott will no longer fit in my holder. It is not the type of holder you have.I am pissed, they should not cut one inch off the end. It is only to give Scott more money. I can remember tp being three for a buck.
    Oh well, dollar store paper here I come. Scott lost me.

  24. ALDI’S HAS “OLD” SIZE!!!!!!!!!!! Aldi’s grocery stores has a type of toilet paper single-ply, HUGE 4.5 X 3.7 JUST LIKE PRE-2006 SCOTT TOILET PAPER!!!! The name on the front….I don’t know, but look for the big “1,000″ on the front of the package. Each 4-pack costs $2.49, while Scott costs $3.79 per 4 pack at my grocery store.
    My bum loves it, and I will NEVER GO BACK TO SCOTT!!!!

  25. Thank you for finally publicizing what I’ve said for years, that the Scott rolls are smaller. Not just shorter, but narrower, too. They’re still better than competitors, so I won’t be switching, but if some other company would come along and make a roll that actually lasts as week, as Scott used to do, I’ll start buying it.

  26. Please don’t stop selling 1000 sheet tolet paper, I haved used this tolet paper for 37 years. If you don’t worry about savings then your stupid.We haved use other tolet paper, but scott can we can use 1 roll, which,loast 3 times longer than any other brand. PLEASE PUT BACK ON back on the market!!!!!!! We love the long lasting 1000 sheet tolet paper.

  27. I have a home with paper holders built into the walls. The smaller rolls now look way out of place, like mini rolls in fill size holders, as they are much narrower than the holders. New holders can be made smaller in width to accommodate the narrower rolls but not the built in units. Manufacturers should quit screwing the public and just make the polls the same old size and just charge accordingly. The paper tube the toilet paper is wrapped around in now 1/4″ inch smaller than the old center tube which means even less paper for your dollar. I bet most people would pay more for the original size paper that the shrunken model now being sold. Our butts, hands and fingers are not getting smaller so the paper should not be getting smaller either. Corporate management does not see the real picture all they see is how to make a profit. Reduce what they supply to you without raising the price is really raising the price as now you receive less product for the same amount of money. Unfortunately almost every product you buy today is like this as the executives have to figure out ways to continue to make profits for the stockholders. This type of practice will continue with all consumer goods until people quit buying them to the point that a company actually loses large amounts of money, then maybe something will change to the benefit of the consumer. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen though.

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