Downsized Products 2009 — Part 2

The parade of downsized items continues with the category that reputedly created the concept of shrinking products — candy bars. An alert Mouse Print* reader  noticed that his favorite “king size” Snickers bar was now nearly half an ounce lighter. Scouring the shelves of candy sellers, we were able to find both the old and the new products.



Unless you read the net weight statement, you would never know the product had shrunk, because it is the same length.

Here are some other examples of products that were discovered to have been downsized in 2009:






Thanks to the eagle-eyed Mouse Print* readers who spotted some of these net weight changes.

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8 thoughts on “Downsized Products 2009 — Part 2”

  1. Actually, I admire Cracker Barrel. They very clearly have a notice that reads on top “Now 21 Cuts”. So at least they aren’t being sneaky about the fact that something changed.

    The rest of them, yeah..sucky. I adhere to my statement that I would rather pay more and get the same amount of product.

    When you posted the Haagen Datz change I emailed them and they actually sent me coupons for two free cartons!

  2. National brand ice cream containers have been shrinking. The 64 oz. containers gave way to 56 oz cartons. Now I am starting to see 48 oz cartons. Watch those unit prices, people!

    That’s a good catch on the Snickers bar, Mouse Print. Thumbs up to the alert Mouse Print reader, thumbs down to Snickers.

  3. I work at a local pharmacy, which sells lots of items and I can list dozens of products that have downsized. Anything from paper towers, toilet paper, to diapers (check Huggies and Pampers, they have cut the number of diapers in their packs several times the last few years. The funny and sad thing is, the price for these smaller packages I’ve noticed has gone UP, even though you’re getting a few diapers less), lots of food stuffs – candy bars, chips, crackers.. And when some customers DO notice, they get mad at me, or ask why, and I just tell them I just work here.. I have absolutely NO control over why our products change sizes. =\

  4. Can’t believe my favorite pesto, Classico, went from 10 oz. to 8 oz., a 20% reduction, at the same price! Hardly worth buying anymore. The manufacturers of our groceries must think we are all blind and can’t see what they are doing.

  5. Within the last year and a half, Frito-Lay has reduced the size of its Santitas tortilla chips (I like those better than Tostitos) from 16 oz. to 14 oz. to 13 oz.

    The 14 and 13 oz. bags have had the “$2 Only” on the bag.

    Family size used to be 28 oz. I don’t know what the current size is.

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