More Groceries Downsize – Part 1 (2013)

Confession: the following items downsized in 2012, but we did not get a chance to feature them all on these pages last year.


Kraft BBQ sauce

The old reliable 18 ounce bottle of Kraft barbecue sauce dropped in size by one-half an ounce. Thanks to John O. for the tip on Kraft.


Old Spice

We lost a quarter of an ounce in the large size Old Spice deodorant sticks. The top of the stick says “Same Palm Tree, New Look,” but they somehow omitted that they were also giving the customer less. Should we say that stinks?


Minute Maid

Following the lead of other big brands of orange juice, Minute Maid also downsized its punch drinks by a full five ounces. Less sugar for the kids, just as well.


Hefty bags

This is not what you think. In a twist, the makers of Hefty bags UPsized their 44-count tall kitchen bags to 50-count, but only at Target (and they kept the price the same).

As we always say, downsizing is a sneaky way to raise the price of products because you are getting less for your money, and you may not realize it unless you scrutinize the fine print on the package .

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12 thoughts on “More Groceries Downsize – Part 1 (2013)”

  1. I know it’s just going to happen yet it makes me mad every time. Instead of trying to get the public to realize that things are getting more expensive they reduce the size of the package and perpetuate this bad economic situation.

    I would much rather see the price of my goods go up than have the package size reduced. In the end I am still getting the same amount of product if I use it at the same rate (at that point it’s just wasting packaging material). Unfortunately for me, every other person doesn’t think that way and many prefer to keep seeing the same price rather than look at quantity.

  2. Gee, I just looked in my refrigerator, and the Minute Maid “Original” Orange Juice has also been downsized to 59 oz. Since that’s an accepted “half-gallon” size, isn’t that false advertising, by insinuation? I’ve noticed other products that have coasted on an assumed weight amount (gallon, half-gallon, pound, etc.) that have sneakily downsized. Maybe we need a class-action suit?

  3. It’s not the downsizing that has me as concerned as much as how so many of the food items are starting to change their recipies to use much cheaper substitutions. That recent thing on Breyer’s ice cream. How a can of peas or beans now has more water than the product, how the “secret ingredient” in most foods now is water. How it is so hard to get REAL orange juice anymore. These sorts of things are more troubling to me.

  4. I’m still waiting to see some of the advertising products claiming how their smaller sizes are helping you lose weight….

  5. I’ve always wondered when companies downsize the quantity but leave the price the same does this get reflected as an increase in price when the government does their analysis to determine inflation?

  6. The Orange Juice size drop occurred in 2010. I spotted the Tropicana brand selling a 59 ounce paper carton in the same 64 ounce size carton.

    They will never say you loose weight with the smaller sizes.

    People will not know what real ice cream is soon unless they go to some mom and pop shop that sells it.

  7. My multi-vitamins went from 220 to 200 pills. Price stayed the same. The Feds say inflation is low. I used to LOL but it must be grim for some retirees.

  8. Last I looked Whole Foods 365 brand of OJ was still 64 ounces – and less than Tropicana’s 58 oz carton (at least in Whole Foods).

  9. Realtors started this whole downsizing thing years ago. An acre is 43,560 sqft but realtors thought it would be “better” to just say that it is 40,000 sqft. You know, so it sounds like you are getting almost 10% more property for your money……

    Actually, I’m sorry, the downsizing started decades ago when a 2″x4″ piece of wood became 1-1/2″X3-1/2″……..

  10. re: ellen @2:19pm

    How does the government determine the inflation rate? If a 64oz bottle of orange juice is priced the same as the new 59oz version, is this somehow taken into account? I’d wage not. Otherwise, the cost of living/inflation rate would be sky-high and our “leaders” would not like to report that fact.

    You are are paying the equivalent of 8.4% more than a 64oz version. Do any of the people who create the figure known as the inflation rate (cost of living index) actually go out an buy anything at anytime? Do they actually check shelf tags for “per unit” cost and actually compare it to last month?year? Again, I’d wager not.

  11. @C. Netzel

    The nice thing about sugar is that it is a fungible product. Sugar from one company is pretty much the same as any other. The shrink ray that is killing me is oreo and their ‘family size’.

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