We’ll Beat Anyone’s Price by 15% or It’s Free*

 Some claims in advertising seem very enticing until you begin to think about them. A classic example is the price guarantee promoted by National Floors Direct:

National Floors Direct
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The claim “we’ll beat anyone’s price by 15%, or it’s free” is ludicrous on its face because what merchant would rather take a 100% reduction in price over just a 15% one?

But National Floors Direct goes one step further.


National Floors Direct

If admitting that they never have given away any merchandise free isn’t proof that this is a disingenuous offer, then we don’t know what is.

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9 thoughts on “We’ll Beat Anyone’s Price by 15% or It’s Free*”

  1. This type of advertisement has always been a joke. You see the same with car dealers. I have written to National twice on this ad and never received a reply. response.

  2. I’ve always thought that offer was weird. Seems like they could just stop at “We’ll bear anyone’s price by 15%” but the “or it’s free” part might get more attention.

    I’m interested in knowing whether there have been any successful lawsuits against National Floors Direct for not living up to the offer. Of course that also depends on what “prices” they accept in the small print.

  3. I’m ok with ads like this so long as they have always given the 15% reduction.

    I worked at an appliance store years ago that did this with 10%. The big misconception is people thought they would take 10% off the entire price but saying “beat by 10%” means they would take 10% of the difference. i.e. if they are selling at $100 and someone else $90 they would take 10% off the $10 difference and then sell it at $89, i.e. $90 – 0.1*($100-$90).

  4. Great advertisement designed to get you in. In theory all any seller need do he go below a competators price by one penny and the add is still true.

  5. I find this type of ad interesting. In Southern California a mattress dealer advertises that he’ll beat anybody’s price or your mattress is free. So, what’s he going to say? Maybe “oh, gee, we just can’t beat that other stores price. We’re going to lose money on it if we do. So, I guess we’ll just have to give it to you free!” Ya, fat chance.

  6. This type of ad reminds me of a time during college when there was a credit card being marketed with a 5% rebate only on the amount that wasn’t paid off during the grace period. A friend called to question how this is a good deal when the interest rate is 17%. After a few minutes, he was told by the rep “This card is not for you. You are too smart for this.”

  7. Am I missing something? Their listed price will beat everyone else’s listed price by 15%, and if they don’t and someone calls them out on it, it’s free for that person and that person only. Saying they never had to give anything away means no one ever found a competitor whom they didn’t beat by 15%

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