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At Sears, “All” Does Not Always Mean “All”

  Last week, Sears advertised “lowest prices of the season” in certain product categories and offered some of the biggest discounts ever offered on Kenmore ovens and ranges.


In addition to offering wall ovens for 50% off and Kenmore ranges for 35% off, the deal was particularly sweet because you could get an “extra 15% off ALL [emphasis added] appliances with Sears card.”

MrConsumer encouraged a friend to go to Sears to get a Kenmore stove he had been admiring since the 35% off sale coupled with the extra 15% off would likely beat the prices that would be offered during the upcoming Friends & Family sale. When he approached a salesperson about getting the extra 15% off, the first thing he was told was that they needed to check the exclusions. Exclusions? What exclusions? Nothing could be simpler than the straight forward promise that ALL appliances were an extra 15% with the Sears card.


sears exclusion

What, no extra 15% on Kenmore ranges or ovens? Mouse Print* wrote to Sears’ PR folks about this last Monday and by the next morning the advertisement had been corrected after admitting it was an “inadvertent error”:


Great. Hats off to Sears for the quick corrective action.

A day or two later, however, Sears sent an email with a link exclusively for Sears card holders promising an extra 15% off “select” appliances. Were those Kenmore ovens for 50% off and other Kenmore ranges advertised for 35% off excluded. Nope.

Sears extra 15%


Extra percentage off cannot be combined with other Sears card discounts. Excludes Jenn-Air, Dacor, floor care, sewing machines, countertop microwaves, water heaters, water softeners, water filtration, air conditioners, air cleaners, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, accessories, closeouts and everyday great price items. Excludes Sears Commercial One® accounts and Outlet Stores.

Of course, when trying to make a test purchase of one of the 35% off Kenmore ranges, there was zero extra discount when using the Sears card.

We wrote to Sears again asking what steps the company will take going forward to assure shoppers that advertised offers are accurate and will be honored as stated, and how they planned to compensate customers who sought to take advantage of the sale price AND the card discount but were denied.

Sears did not respond by our publishing deadline. Any update will be provided here.

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9 thoughts on “At Sears, “All” Does Not Always Mean “All””

  1. Now this is the type of article I appreciate Mr. Consumer for. It was good that Sears changed the advertisement so quickly, but I am disappointed that it wasn’t clear from the beginning.

    That sentence immediately contradicts itself “Extra 15% off ALL appliances when you use your Sears card EXCLUDES…” Well, it it excludes items then it isn’t ALL appliances. It shouldn’t have been difficult to put, “15% off select/qualifying appliances…” Then there would be reasonable for some appliances to be denied.

    Good one Mr. Consumer.

  2. What exactly does “lowest prices of the season” mean? Is it a calendar season? A particular time of year (holiday season)? Or does it really actually mean nothing at all?

  3. Sears has been more and more pathetic. Even with their sales, I have not found their prices to match the competition (though they certainly claim otherwise). And I never buy anything from their website; even they can’t figure out what’s in stock or what the prices are.

  4. Be VERY careful purchasing an appliance from Sears with your Sears card. I bought a dishwasher a few years ago for my mom to be delivered to her. Unknown to me, she also bought one. I went to cancel the one I purchased as it had not yet been delivered. They refuesed, saying they could not locate it in their warehouse so therefore it must have been delivered even tho they had no record of delivery. I asked them to come look over my mom’s house to see that it was not there. They refused that also (which was not unexpected.) They refused to return my money ($650+). Fortunately for me, on a lark I decided to use my JC Penney’s Mastercard to purchase the dishwasher from Sears. I filed a claim with JC Penney MC and almost immediately was refunded my money. I have all Sears appliances and love them, but I will NEVER purchase another one and use their own card – if something goes wrong with delivery they are unwilling to refund money or investigate.

  5. Sears has been doing this for a long time and that is why I no longer shop at Sears, have not for many years. They will be going out of business. Sears definitions of certain words is really unbelievable. All never means all, the meaning of Appliance is constantly changing. Sears can KMA.

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