Upgrade iPhone Yearly Forever for $15 a Month?

  To promote the launch of its “iPhone Forever” plan, Sprint is only charging $15 a month for the just introduced iPhone 6S along with the privilege that lets customers get a new iPhone every year. That is less than half the monthly cost for Apple’s own upgrade plan.

Sprint Forever

This means you are basically paying $180 a year to have the latest iPhone. For people who always must have the latest phone, this could be quite the deal … except for the fine print.


iPhone Forever terms

Besides learning that this is a 22-month lease and that you are responsible for [edited] insurance, what may have looked like a given to some — that you would only pay $15 a month and get annual upgrades forever — that monthly charge is only guaranteed for the first phone. What is not stated here in the headline, but also required, is that you trade in a smartphone when you first sign up for the plan.

According to a Sprint telephone representative, one year from now if you want to trade up to the iPhone 7, you must trade in the iPhone 6S, sign a new 22 month lease, and make monthly payments of the then current rate. She said you will owe nothing on the remaining 10 months of the original lease.

Like “unlimited,” “forever” means whatever the cell companies choose to define it as.

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6 thoughts on “Upgrade iPhone Yearly Forever for $15 a Month?”

  1. I think this is one they need to be nailed for false advertising. That FOREVER in big print is 100% misleading. Total BS to put $15 a month and then say FOREVER when, in no way, is that price forever.

  2. Any time words like ‘unlimited’ and ‘forever’ are inserted into an advertisement, I just assume that they are misleading consumers. Those words should not be in any promotion because there is usually a caveat.

  3. “Upgrade does not include same generation model iPhone.”

    That sounds like iPhone doesn’t put out a new phone that you can’t get the upgrade in question so it eliminates a lot of the use of the plan if that happens.

  4. “Upgrade does not include same generation model iPhone.”

    NO wonder the monthly price is sooo cheap… They can give you a two year old iPhone and still be legal under he rules they created.


    Edgar replies: Richard and everyone…. as I read it, this is not a bad restriction. The point of the upgrade program is to allow you to first get the latest iPhone, and then get the next generation iPhone when it becomes available. Apple introduces in a new one each year. What they don’t want you to do is replace a broken iPhone 6S with another iPhone 6S. When “7” comes out, it is available for you to upgrade.

  5. Ironically this article is misleading. You are not REQUIRED to purchase insurance, though because it’s a lease it would be a good idea. It simply states the consumer is RESPONSIBLE (meaning consumers pay for it) for insurance and repairs. For $11/Mo that’s a pretty good deal. If it gets lost or stolen or damaged beyond repair you only pay a $200 deductible vs the hundreds of dollars it would cost to replace it if you didn’t have insurance. This is no different than leasing a car. It’s not misleading. You can lease a phone and upgrade whenever Apple comes out with a new model as long as you return the phone. Do you think the price of the lease will stay the same 5 years from now? Of course not or no one would make a profit. Btw, Apple has the same deal on their website at the same prices and they do not pay for Applecare+ either. Nothing in life is free and if you ask me it’s a great marketing campaign.

  6. It may say that on the website but it’s not listed anywhere in my leasing agreement. In fact, the agreement I “signed” stipulates the lease payment, terms and payoff amounts. Everything is very clearly defined in black ink.

    I believe they are referring to your next upgrade. In no way are they guaranteeing the price of your upgrade nor are they guaranteeing that there will be any available upgrades at all (in other words, we can cancel the program).

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