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With 100s of Exclusions, Kohl’s Coupons Questioned

For years, Macy’s coupons were the laughing stock of the retail industry because so many brands were excluded from the discounts offered. Well, it is time for Macy’s to step aside because they are being displaced by a new coupon exclusion leader, Kohl’s.

It certainly looks like a good deal to get $10 off a $30 purchase at Kohl’s with this grand opening coupon:

$10 off

But then you read the fine print, and learn there are exclusions:


coupon exclusions

In fact, there are so many exclusions that Kohl’s had to create a web page to list them all!


Kohl's exclusions

Use scrollbar above on right to view.

Good going, Kohl’s, you’ve seemingly excluded hundreds of brands. That even challenges the six foot long disclaimer by Sears last year excluding things from its big “Friends & Family” sale.

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12 thoughts on “With 100s of Exclusions, Kohl’s Coupons Questioned”

  1. This truly does fall under false advertising, a textbook example. Big letters to say $10 off any $30 purchase then disclaimer probably takes away 90% of what they sell.

  2. Three choices: 1.) Evelyn Wood speed reading, 1.a) work on your memory retention, 2.) Assume you’re paying full boat and maybe you’ll get lucky, 3.) Shop elsewhere. Seriously though, it baffles me that retailers act unaware of the hundreds of choices consumers have these days. Apparently there are still enough sheep to fleece, to go around. Otherwise economics would force a change.

  3. The list of exclusions actually says “unbranded”, so unless that’s a brand name, the coupon appears to exclude everything! That’s really a head-shaker.

  4. I agree with Jim — Forget the coupon, forget the store, and shop elsewhere. If you can’t absorb the coupon across the board, don’t advertise it! I can’t be bothered reading page after page of exclusions just to find one item that MIGHT match the discount, so I cross those stores off my shopping route. I get mad and have a very bad distaste for stores that do this.

  5. I will shop at Kohl’s only when I ‘armed’ with a 30% off code for online shopping or a 30% off postcard I receive as a Kohls charge card holder. Then, I buy on the items on SALE. This store reminds me of Mervyn’s and Gottschalks, just a name change. I don’t recommend this store unless you have a discount code for 30%.

  6. I’d just like to point out some of the exclusions are no fault of the store. Nike, Levi, Converse to name a few are restricted by the manufacturer from being included in coupons. Not saying its right but its not entirely Kohl’s fault.

  7. First they say that you can take $10 off ANY in-store purchase of $30 or more (no asterisk) and then they redefine the work “any” with the long list of exclusions. Isn’t that illegal?

  8. Like Macy’s…. the coupons apply to almost anything aside from what you want to buy. I boycott these lying crooks. BTW, when is a dollar not a dollar? When it is Kohl’s Krappy Kash. If you have a coupon for a % off, and you have the temerity to try to apply a Kohl’s Krappy Kash, they discount the coupon by the % off. So, $10 of Kohl’s Krappy Kash will only have a value of $7 if you buy something with a 30% off coupon. I won’t shop at this chain. Also, Head Office customer service is no better.

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