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Fly to Hawaii for $6 Roundtrip?

Arby’s is running a promotion offering 10 lucky people the chance to buy roundtrip tickets to Hawaii for only $6.

Arby's contest

There are two opportunities to enter the sweepstakes: last Friday, and today (April 15th) at noon Eastern time. You will be flown first to Los Angeles, spend a night in a hotel, and then the next day, you will be whisked off to Honolulu in either first or business class. All for only $6. What a deal.

Except for one thing in the official rules.

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official rules

Your flights to and from Hawaii have to occur on the same day – April 27th. That’s right. Your day in Hawaii starts out with six hours on a plane going there. Then visiting an Arby’s to try three of their new sandwiches and be in a television commercial. And then another six hours on a plane back to the mainland.

As their ad states, “no volcanoes, no pineapple farms… just you, sweet buns, tender meat.”

So, if this is your idea of a fun vacation, hope you’re one of the first five today to win the trip. And here’s one additional consumer tip: You can save the $6 on the ticket by entering the promo code “Aloha.”

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5 thoughts on “Fly to Hawaii for $6 Roundtrip?”

  1. They are giving you a one nights stay in a hotel in Los Angeles.. That is close to Hawaii right….

  2. Seems more like a fancy way of getting advertisement out of regular people for one day rather then paying premium prices for hiring actual actors for their commercials and having to get them out to Hawaii for the day.

    Optionally, You could always “accidentally” miss the flight home and then just have to pay a one way fare when you want to return.

  3. While Daniel has a great idea i doubt they would let you out of their sight and make you sign a bunch of forms then sue you for breach of contract,
    Just another Scam

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