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Get an Extra Year Warranty on Refurbished Items Free

One of the great bargains that shoppers can get is when an electronic item is refurbished. Sometimes these are even brand new products but sold in plain brown boxes so as not to compete with the manufacturer’s own regular line.

The downside of buying a refurb is that it typically only comes with a 90-day warranty. And to add insult to injury, most credit cards with an extended warranty benefit (that doubles the manufacturer’s warranty) excludes refurbished items. Grrrr.


No refurbs

However, while perusing the fine print of the recently published credit card benefits booklet for the Chase Freedom Visa card, MrConsumer discovered a terrific change. While the standard language excluding used and pre-owned items is still there, Chase made an exception and is now covering refurbished goods that come with a warranty.


Refurbs allowed

And as an added bonus, unlike most policies that merely double the manufacturer’s warranty, which on a 90-day warranty only would add three months, the one from Chase Freedom adds a full year extra.

Thanks, Chase.

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5 thoughts on “Get an Extra Year Warranty on Refurbished Items Free”

  1. I was able to use a credit card warranty that extended the manufacturer’s warranty an additional year for replacement of an iPad. The replacement iPad (which was refurbished, not new, and never worked at all) came with a note from Apple saying that warranty replacement products are refurbished and have no warranty since the original warranty on the new iPad had expired. To add insult to injury, we then received a letter from the credit card company that the terms of our credit card had been changed and extended warranties were discontinued. I never figured out if this was just bad timing or if they did this to us because we actually had read the small print and made them honor it.

  2. Deb R. It’s not just you. The extra benefits attached to credit cards are disappearing at an alarming rate. These days, when you get one of those envelopes saying there are changes in your terms you really do need to read all the mouse print. Things like extended warranties, and even rental car insurance cannot be counted on to be there forever.

    Card companies are realizing they no longer need to offer great terms as the use of cash is getting less and less. Last year Chase notified me they were raising my rate by 4%! In one shot! I was already getting a very good rate of 11.25%, but when I called to complain they said my new rate was still their lowest, and that many of their other customers paid much more. I closed the account that day and soon found a card at only 10%.

  3. Because so many have the Costco Visa Signature card, I thought I’d report my findings. Initially, I was all happy because refurb items weren’t listed specifically in the free extended warranty exclusions. Upon calling the warranty claims department, I soon found out otherwise. They interpret a refurb item to mean it’s a used or pre-owned item, and they’re excluded. Dang! So here are a couple lines among others from their list of exclusions:


    ■ Used, antique or pre-owned items.

  4. ..but it also says the coverage is only if it’s not considered used or pre-owned. What am I missing? What other kind would be refurbished?

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