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Before You Sign Up for That $15 T-Mobile Plan…

As part of its agreement to merge with Sprint, T-Mobile promised to offer a really cheap basic plan. And they have launched it earlier than planned to help people who are watching every penny in these tough times.

T-Mobile $15 a month plan

While this is one of the cheapest plans ever offered directly from a major carrier and the extra data provided each year is a valuable extra benefit, buried in the fine print is a nasty surprise.


T-Mobile fine printFine print shown ACTUAL SIZE

This is just part of a huge block of virtually unreadable fine print that appears on the offer page.

The key part says that after you use up your two gigabyte monthly data allowance, your data completely shuts off rather than just decreases to a crawl as almost every other plan does these days. (You can buy extra data at an unspecified premium price, however.)

Note that Tello offers a 2-gb plan with unlimited calls/texts for just $14 and it slows speeds if you run out of high-speed data. You must use a Sprint-compatible phone for that service. ++

++ Consumer World will earn a small commission if you sign up for Tello using referral code P3F3SR3J .

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6 thoughts on “Before You Sign Up for That $15 T-Mobile Plan…”

  1. Having been a loyal T Mobile customer for close to twenty years, I can believe it. Within the last six months, I reached the data limit just once on my prepaid plan ( flat $50 per month, plus taxes ) and the speeds were throttled back significantly.

  2. it also is $15 plus taxes and fees which they will not tell you how much the taxes are fees are when they are asked

  3. ATT has a special plan offering for Prepaid customers last month at $15/month for I think 4GB. I don’t know if it’s still active.

    Edgar replies: That plan (unfortunately) expired on May 13.

  4. I have had Tello for 9 months. They are the best. My total bill is $19.56 a month. No fees and no contract. Every month they ask if I want to continue and then they charge my Visa card on file. I even bought my LG 3 phone NEW from them for $129 + sales tax. I also got a 30% discount for the first month. Unlimited calls unlimited texting and 4G which will slow if you use a lot, which I don’t. Excellent customer service in Ecuador. They all speak perfect English. I don’t work for them. I never had a dropped call.

    Edgar replies: David, I am a customer too, but on their pay as you go plan where texts are 1 cent, calls are 1 cent a minute, and data is 2 cents a meg. It is perfect for me because I really don’t use my phone much. The monthly plans at the moment are providing double data for the first month or two… so for $14, you actually get 4 gigs. Whattadeal!

  5. Don’t mind at all to see referral links if it helps pay the bills. I think most of us have been reading long enough to know you’d never let it change what information you include in your posts.

    I didn’t expect much from the T-Mobile plan as part of the merger to be honest. This and other things are going about as most people would predict. T-Mobile’s promise of no lay-offs has lead to mass lay-offs at their TPR (3rd party) owned and operated stores as well as a majority of Sprint 3rd party operated stores. If they Boost purchase goes through as well then we’ll see a drastic reduction in staffing for those as many of them are in the same shopping center as a MetroPCS already.

    I wish the merger hadn’t gone through and that someone had found a way to keep Sprint going, or let it go bankrupt and let someone else buy it to rebuild it. I’m not sure how “Let us buy one of our competitors and leave three remaining large carriers in the US” is much better than “One of our competitors may go bankrupt and leave just three large carriers left in the US.”

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