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Choice Hotels’ Customer Service Gets Points Handling Rewards Issue

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MrConsumer recently got an email from Choice Hotels with some bad news. It said that his accumulated points in their rewards program were about to expire.

Choice Hotels email

The fine print explained how to keep one’s points from disappearing. Basically you have to earn or redeem points every 18 months or they go bye-bye.


Choice fine print

So I looked to see what one could get for 5,000 points. Seemed like a nice round number — surely there was something of value available. But all the gift cards required 8,000 points at a minimum, such as this one.

Choice gift card choices

I did see that I could convert the points to American Airlines frequent flyer miles, but would only get 1,000 miles for my 5,000 points. Nonetheless, that seemed like the best option for me, so I called Choice customer service to make the transfer.

I explained the situation to the agent on the phone, Ken (a female), and she said “let me see what I can do for you.” After reviewing my account, she said that as a one-time courtesy, she would bump up my account from 5,160 points to 8,000 points so I could redeem them for a gift certificate right then and there.

What? WOW! She wished me a Merry Christmas, and proceeded to process a $25 Home Depot gift card for me.

I thanked Ken profusely. What amazing and unexpected customer service she provided! But it would be nice if Choice eliminated their points expiration policy just as most airlines have in their own frequent flyer programs.

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2 thoughts on “Choice Hotels’ Customer Service Gets Points Handling Rewards Issue”

  1. 8000 points are worth $25 or slightly more than 3/10 of a cent each?
    Doesn’t seem worth it to me. I used to be a “points guy” but I quit a few years back when I calculated the actual value of the points vs my time spent in dealing them. I now just look for the best overall price when traveling.

  2. I must disagree with Parker. i have a caputal one venture visa card and get 2 miles per dollar spent.
    not only are they simple to use but when i want to redeem them for a flight, i go search ticket prices for my flight, purchase best priced ticket, go to cap one websie and use the cap one purchase eraser to wipe out the cost of the flight.

    last year i flew business class from Jakarta to taipei, then 4 days later on same ticket business class to Vancouver and Toronto.

    all free. so my advice is research your rewards and choose something not tied to hotels, or specific place. one card for everything and use it exclusively. i can even get a check or reduce my bill.

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