Offers to Check Your Data for Breaches, But…

With so many data breaches happening these days, it is hard to keep track if and where you have become a victim. To help check to see if your personal data has been compromised, right at the top of the homepage of Money magazine, the publication is offering to do a free search.

Money- check data

What an easy and valuable service they are providing… except for one thing.


Money check data 2

What? In order to find out about any breaches you may have suffered, you are also signing up for advertising emails not just from Money but from others too.

That’s nasty.

The service that Money is using for the data searches is HaveIBeenPwned? which you can access directly for free. They say they do not retain your email address except if you subscribe to be alerted to future breaches.

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4 thoughts on “ Offers to Check Your Data for Breaches, But…”

  1. To give credit to Money, at least their so called “mouse print” is in plain sight and not in such small print to deceive someone. I noticed it immediately when I read the ad.

  2. I feel for because at least it isn’t in teeny tiny print at the bottom of the page or anything, but really this should be an opt-out if nothing else. I can understand not making it an opt-in, but there should be a box at the bottom that says “Do not add my email to any mailing lists.”

  3. Yet another example of a company trying to pull the proverbial wool over our eyes. As I have said here before, imagine grown men and women sitting around a mahogany conference table trying to figure out how to trick us into doing something that is not in our best interest.

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