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Mercedes Promotes New Automatic Valet Parking Feature, But…

Mercedes is introducing a new high-end feature to its luxury vehicles called Intelligent Park Pilot. And just as the name suggests, when you engage the system, the car will find its way to the hotel, airport, or restaurant parking garage on its own.

To introduce the new technology, Mercedes created a commercial capturing something we have always wondered about — what do parking valets really do with your car when you hand them the keys?

This commercial shows them joyriding, speeding, and making daring moves all while you are eating a peaceful dinner somewhere and none the wiser.

The clincher in the commercial is the following disclosure about the automatic parking system.



So we’ll just have to wait until roads and garages get smart enough to safely guide cars with automated valet parking to a parking spot, and driving laws allow unattended systems like this.

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4 thoughts on “Mercedes Promotes New Automatic Valet Parking Feature, But…”

  1. Is this new and improved option available to purchase? How much? Was a price mentioned? Are there any estimates when legislation might be forthcoming to allow this to work? What about the modifications to parking garages? Doesn’t sound cheap. That means that everybody who parks in the lot gets to share in the cost for the mods for the chosen few.

    • Bob, as far as I know, it is just available for demonstration purposes. If this actually happens, most likely it would kick off in a European country first is my guess.

  2. Forget about automatic valet, buy my transporter! It’s right out of Star Trek. It’ll get you to your destination instantly. Travel the world in seconds. *

    The product can not be used. Future use will be possible if national legislation permits operation and the laws of physics change to allow moving faster than the speed of light.

  3. I hope that this product is not available to purchase. I would have quite a few things to say if they tried to sell me a service that literally couldn’t be activated until an indeterminate time in the future.

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