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Do Verizon and AT&T Only Offer 55+ Discount Cell Plans in Florida?

In a surprising new T-Mobile advertising campaign, the “Un-carrier” claims that unlike its own discounted age 55+ cell plan that is available to seniors across the country, the ones offered by Verizon and AT&T are only for Florida residents.

T-Mobile 55+

Their ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek website tells seniors in the other 49 states the three ways to get a 55+ discount cell plan:

T-Mobile florida

All kidding aside, is it really true that Verizon and AT&T don’t offer discounted 55+ plans for seniors except those living in Florida?


Yep! Here is the Verizon’s 55+ plan for Florida seniors:

Verizon 55+ Florida

And AT&T’s 55+ plan is also only for Florida residents:

AT&T 55+ plan

So, it looks like T-Mobile is rightfully calling out its competitors for shortchanging seniors on their discount plans.

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4 thoughts on “Do Verizon and AT&T Only Offer 55+ Discount Cell Plans in Florida?”

  1. I don’t know what T-Mobile 55+ plan is now, however the one I am on has been discontinued. I am grandfathered in, however if I switch back to only one line, I have been told I would have to go on their Magnolia plan, and would only save $5 a month

  2. I keep seeing offers for senior plans that look good until I read the fine print. Many of the “good” prices seem to be per line and they require two lines which I don’t need so no savings for me.

  3. I saw this press release and looked into it thoroughly myself, it is true and true a fair comparison. The T-Mobile 55+ plan is a really great offer if you have two or more lines, if you only have one line prepaid is still really the best.

  4. You can get a Verizon 55+ in other states, but it’s a loyalty offer on the account that has to be offered to the customer.

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