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Fireball Cinnamon Not What It Appears

An Illinois consumer recently filed a class action lawsuit again a liquor company for what appeared to be an alcholic beverage with a very misleading label.

The product in question is called Fireball Cinnamon made by a Kentucky company, best known for its Fireball Cinnamon Whisky whose slogan is “Tastes Like Heaven. Burns Like Hell.”

Both these bottles are shot-size. Can you tell the difference?

Fireball Cinnamon

The one on the left is their famous whiskey, and the one on the right that our consumer bought apparently tastes similar but is a malt beverage sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations. That unreadable fine print on the bottle on the right says:


“Malt Beverage With Natural Whisky
& Other Flavors and Carmel Color.”

Even if a purchaser could read that, it might well give the wrong impression because according to the consumer’s lawyer, there actually is no whiskey in the product at all. That disclosure should say “Natural Whisky Flavor and Other Natural Flavors.”

The consumer is seeking damages and product label changes because of this alleged misrepresentation and deceptive business practice.

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7 thoughts on “Fireball Cinnamon Not What It Appears”

  1. I was on the fence about this one at first. It is a significantly changed logo at on the top dropping the word Whiskey, but the mouseprint gives away the game. It’s pretty obvious why they broke it up like that and it’s exactly for the reason the consumer is complaining.

  2. This is designed to fool the consumer and make more money. It’s blatant false advertising and they more than deserve the lawsuit. Make it a class action and reap the rewards.

  3. It doesn’t say ANYWHERE on the label that it contains whiskey, it says natural whiskey flavor! And unreadable is pushing it. I’m ‘blind as a bat’ & even I can see the malt beverage on the label (even before the blown-up label). I don’t know the difference in cost between the two in Illinois (didn’t he notice that), in my state the ‘hard’ one is pretty cheap ($1.49).

    We are one of the most litigious countries in the world, mainly because of lazy consumers who DON’T bother to read the label/packaging. 🙄🥱

    • I do agree with you that we are a very litigious society, but in this instance and many others recently, companies are deliberately attempting to fool the consumer. Because of this, sometimes the only thing that will make them change this behavior is a lawsuit and hitting them in their bottom line.

  4. Usually I would agree with Gert, but this time I’m casting my lot with Joel.

    The *phrasing* of the mouseprint label is clearly an egregious attempt to mislead the consumer.

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