Taco Bell Beef Tacos: Where’s the Beef?

If Clara Peller were still alive, the cranky “Where’s the Beef” lady from the  old Wendy’s commercials might be pressed into service again to complain about Taco Bell beef tacos.

A consumer class action lawsuit [see actual complaint] was just filed last week claiming that the “seasoned beef” in Taco Bell tacos is more filler than beef and can’t legally be called “ground beef”.


Isolated oat product? The lawyer representing the consumer against the company says that the filling is only 36% beef and therefore should be called taco meat filling as the USDA recommends, just as the box the filling comes in is labeled:


You will also notice that the ingredients don’t exactly match what Taco Bell says on its website are the ingredients in seasoned beef.

A spokesperson for Taco Bell said the company is going to fight the lawsuit:

“We’re happy that the millions of customers we serve every week agree. We deny our advertising is misleading in any way and we intend to vigorously defend the suit.”

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17 thoughts on “Taco Bell Beef Tacos: Where’s the Beef?”

  1. As quoted by Taco Bell: “We’re happy that the millions of customers we serve every week agree…….”

    If the millions were aware of what’s really in the beef, those millions may not be too happy after all!

    Another deception is the amount of “beef” itself. Doesn’t look anything like the photo!

  2. It’s not called Taco Hell for nothing! Tace Bell is garbage food that can hardly be called food, let alone edible!

  3. “Burrito Boy” in The Boston Herald recently had them dead last for best burrito in Boston. Knowing TB that is an easy thing to do.

  4. Deceptive, but the first thing I noticed on the Lawsuit was California so I am now rooting for Taco Bell. Although, if I do eat fast food out and want Tacos I choose Del Taco over Taco Bell.
    Taco Bell has had problems with their meat way in the past so this is not anything new for them.

  5. Buttttttt….. a Crunchy Taco with taco meat filling sounds so much better than Crunchy Taco made with 100% USDA beef.

  6. I’m more concerned about the wheat in it than there being less beef.My mother, and very many others, can’t eat anything with wheat. Since this is a corn tortilla filled with what looks like ground beef it wouldn’t even cross her mind that she might be eating something that will send her to the emergency room! And yes the gluten intolerance is that bad in some people.

  7. I love hard shell tacos and Taco Bell has the worst. They have never had generous portions but at least in the early nineties when I worked there, everything was still home made. I used to go several times per week, now I visit there maybe twice a year when I’m craving hard tacos and I always leave disappointed. Their hot sauce is still good though, for now.

  8. @Joe: Now I’m kind of afraid of what could be in the hot sauce. Yikes! 😀 😀

    Anyone else think of that “Simpsons” when Lisa was reading the ingredients to the vending machine snacks? Stuff like deweaponized plutonium and “monosodiumpoisonate” (my favorite fake word ever).

  9. What about the sand they put in this so called meat? “silicon dioxide” Think about it how can they sell it so cheap! [They] should stop spending money on bad advertising and focus on making a better recipe. The word of mouth will do the rest for sales.

  10. Don’t mean to defend TB but think the silicon dioxide is an unintended additive that has already been mixed into some of the powdered food components as an anti-caking agent (prevents powders from turning into lumps). I don’t think it’s added in as a deliberate bulking agent.

  11. Taco Bell, IMHO, is the king of misleading ads among the fast food industry. At least with McD. or BK, the food look about 30-40% close to what they advertise. Taco Bell’s food in the ads are nothing like what they sell at the store. I remember getting quesadilla from them a while back, and it was like 1/4 inch deep. I mean, how can they even make two layers of tortilla with cheese and chicken all fit within 1/4 inch???

    The worst part of all this is that Taco Bell is going to fight back… against what? If they only use 36% beef, it’s not suddenly going to turn itself into 100% beef. They should have apologized, and said will alter the label, or add more beef.

    Imagine if chickens at KFC were actually only 36% chicken and molded into chicken shape with soy-based filler and fitted with chicken bones………… and KFC said they will fight any lawsuit which claims that their chicken isn’t really chicken, but chicken fillers.

    the audacity of the Taco Bell amazes me.

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