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December 19, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho, DC-Style

Filed under: Humor,Uncategorized — Edgar (aka MrConsumer) @ 5:57 am

NOTE: The next new Mouse Print* will be on January 2.

On a recent trip to Washington, DC, MrConsumer was drawn to the fine print on the back of a one-way street sign.

On the reverse side of the sign was a tiny disclaimer that one would normally see in a product warranty:


Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah from Mouse Print*.

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  1. I’d love to have known if you saw that sticker on other signs like this around the city.

    Edgar replies: James, I looked at a few others, and didn’t see it. I can only assume that someone printed these disclaimers up as a joke and posted them randomly.

    Comment by James — December 19, 2011 @ 11:15 am
  2. Well, I hope it’s a joke. I’d hate to see cities start offering themselves with warranties like “your tax dollars do not guarantee trash pickup, public safety or a fire truck when you are in need.”

    So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year back to you.

    Comment by RS — December 19, 2011 @ 12:37 pm
  3. Actually that sticker looks a lot better than the official ones.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to those that celebrate them.

    Happy holidays to those that don’t.

    Comment by Jimbo — December 19, 2011 @ 7:48 pm
  4. What else would you expect other than a disclaimer from a city full of lawyers?

    Comment by John P — December 20, 2011 @ 4:22 pm
  5. I was home in PA a few months ago and saw a sign posted under a stop sign- “Complete stops- FREE. Rolling stops- $110.50. Your choice.”
    Gotta love a township with a sense of humor.
    Merry Holidays, Edgar!

    Comment by Sko Hayes — December 23, 2011 @ 9:20 am
  6. Thank you Edgar for another year of timely and important information. And may the mouse’s vision remain 20/20!

    Comment by Marty — December 26, 2011 @ 12:33 pm
  7. Thanks, Marty.

    Comment by Edgar (aka MrConsumer) — December 26, 2011 @ 12:47 pm

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