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Here We Downsize Again (2018) – Part 1

In the never ending saga of products shrinking in size as a means to pass on a sneaky price increase to consumers, we offer these three new ones thanks to our eagle-eyed readers.

John R. spotted this gem in the dairy case. As he points out, orange juice makers laid the groundwork for being a commonly downsized item when most brands discontinued half gallon containers in favor of 59 ounce ones. And now at least one big brand is at it again.


Simply Orange

Simply Orange has just gone from 59 ounces down to 52 ounces. On its website, the company explains their decision:

The decision to reduce our 59-ounce PET package was made after careful consideration of the current cost pressures within our supply chain as well as clear data on consumer’s price preferences. We are committed to bringing quality juices and drinks to the market and have decided to reduce our 59-ounce PET package in order to keep prices fair for our loyal customers. As part of our ongoing commitment to keep shoppers well informed, we are communicating the new 52-ounce PET package size on the Simply website and we are making the package weight more prominent on our front-of-pack labeling.

The ever-shrinking toilet paper roll is getting smaller again, at least for purchasers of Quilted Northern. Our ace downsizing detective, Richard G., found the latest example.


Quilted Northern

The “mega” roll has gone from 330 sheets to 308 sheets.

Lastly, TRESemme shampoo has downsized at least one of its varieties again.




Most varieties of TRESemme were 32 ounces originally. Then they were downsized to 25 to 28 ounces depending on the type. Now a “new look” bottle signals yet another change — this time it is down to just 22 ounces for one variety.

Thanks to Richard G. for finding this latest change. If you spot a product that has shrunk in size, try to send a sharp picture of both the old and new package to Mouse Print*.

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15 thoughts on “Here We Downsize Again (2018) – Part 1”

  1. Looking at the pictures, I wouldn’t say the new, smaller Simply Orange package volume display is MORE prominent. It looks to be the same size typeface as before.

    So the juice makers went from 64 oz to 59 oz, a 5 ounce reduction. Now Simply Orange is reducing their package by another 7 oz. … 12 oz total. That’s a lot! They should rename their product to Simply Less Orange.

  2. I think I may be among the few people who consider downsizing as an inconvenience. If I like the product enough, I’ll keep purchasing it even if the price increases.

    Buying in smaller quantities is not always a better option!

  3. I wonder how long before a company like Tropicana cuts the size of orange juice containers now that the smaller Simply Orange Brand has done it??

    I have spotted new look packaging for Minute Rice. No change in the size of the product though.

  4. re: Richard Ginn

    You get used to the ‘new look’ packaging with the same product quantity. Then, 6 months or so from now, they will change the size of the new look package (slightly, enough not to be too obvious) and then reduce the amount of product.

    Seems to happen with amazing regularity. Shoppers look at price, not what they are getting for the price. Manufacturers realize this and take advantage of that fact.

  5. Time to start boycotting some of these companies and let them know why. When Purina Cat Chow went from 18lbs to 16lbs, my cat didn’t eat less. I just had to go to the store more often. Try to find a half gallon of ice cream anywhere. It’s gone from 2 quarts to 1.5 quarts. If I wanted to buy less ice cream I would buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Attention all manufacturers: STOP IT!!!

  6. Well bobl both the TRESemme and Quilted Northern had Sunday coupon ads in 2018 saying they were changing the package look. Now all I have to see if the size has changed with the product.

    TRESemme WAS FULL PAGE BIG…. Did they list the size of both bottles in that ad. NO!

    Also Sparkle Paper Towels is getting a 2018 packaging makeover. Have not seen it yet.

  7. Well K Eaton I think Smaller sizes for ice cream at the grocery store is more the norm. More companies coming out with the around 14-16 ounce tubs of low cal-ish ice cream.

    The last company I saw cut sizes of tubs was the Blue Bunny brand that got reported here on the site. The recipe also changed with the size cut.

  8. Regarding toilet paper — The length of the tube has gotten shorter over the years. I used to not be able to stack two rolls on top of one another in the bathroom over-the-commode cabinet. Now I can put one roll on top of another with room to spare.

  9. Northern mega roll 13-pak used to last a month–got the ” new look” package last week–apparently, it’s also a “new size”–i.e. SMALLER. Used to last 3days for one roll. This might only last 2 1/2. Sneaky & sh***y, D: Used to last a month for 1 mega roll 12-pak–we’ll see how long this pak lasts.

  10. My response to Quilted…. Love the shrinkage…. 330 is not 308. Guess I need to crap less or swipe less.

    Their response…. Hi Scott, we did change the number of sheets. We remain committed to continuing to deliver exceptional value to our customers through the right combination of suggested retail price, sheets and more.

    Curious what there profits are like and the bonuses the higher ups get as I am not seeing any “exceptional value”

  11. I noticed this a a few weeks ago and promptly sent picture and text to friends and family to expose this. The on shelf execution was terrible as the old size was next to the new.

    I have vowed to never buy their products again and tried Great Value not from concentrate version. Not only is it much cheaper, the taste is better, particularly knowing you are saving!

    I wish Aldi’s had a better OJ.

  12. The half gallon of ice cream and orange juice that is no more, the pound of coffe that is no more, smaller toilet paper rolls and no one thinks we will notice. I am waiting for the next marketing genius who will convince us that the new dozen eggs is now only 10 but still called a dozen. Shoprite orange juice containers are still 64 ounces.

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