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Tropicana Orange Juice Downsizes Again

Back in the good old days, one could buy half a gallon of Tropicana orange juice in a container. Then in 2010, the company (and the industry) downsized the traditional 64 ounce container to 59 ounces.

Tropicana 64-59
Tropicana 64-59 net contents

Then they introduced attractive carafes of orange juice in a shape not easily distinguishable as a particular size, but they were still 59 ounces.

Now in the summer of 2018, Tropicana, following the lead of Simply Orange, is in the process of downsizing again. This time to a mere 52 ounces.


Tropicana 59-52 ounces

The bottles look identical on store shelves. Same width, same height. So how did they reduce the contents by a full seven ounces so inconspicuously?


Tropicana bottles profile

The bottles aren’t as deep as they were… that’s how they accomplished this clever sleight-of-hand.

On the Tropicana website, they explain why they downsized the product:

Tropicana downsize explained

We consider this one of the sneakiest downsizes ever because of both the tiny net contents statement which is often hidden by the shelf rack edge in some supermarkets, and the appearance of the bottles which look identical head-on. What do you think? Add your comments below.

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader, Edward E., for catching the change.

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11 thoughts on “Tropicana Orange Juice Downsizes Again”

  1. Oasis Premium OJ has downsized too. We need an OJ company to buck the trend of record profits and give us the 64 OZ carton back at no additional cost or reduction in quality to the consumer.

  2. If the juice was actually palatable you could almost overlook the increase however it’s bitterness and aftertaste is awful. At these prices one should look at the juices in the produce aisles.


    Never ever going to happen imo although hurricane damage is a legit reason to give us a smaller size.

  4. Consumers are being swindled by the food industry. Seems like every Six months products are being downsized. Short of boycotting what can consumers do? We have to eat! However, it’s outrageous because it’s not just less product, but they increase the price as well.

  5. When will some of these companies finally decide to be a “leader” for once, buck the downsizing trend and restore the original contents or maintain the current contents? Thankfully Costco still sells Tropicana in their 128 oz containers!

  6. Honest to god, let the market decide.

    I will no longer purchase Tropicana products because of this sneaky trick.

    Had they just said in a more upfront manner that their costs had gone up and they had to raise prices or lower the amount per container in order to maintain their profit margin, that would have been acceptable to me.

  7. People are lazy now, and that’s what the industry counts on. Now, if the majority of consumers started just purchasing their own oranges, squeezing them, either by hand or with a juicer, you’d seen these companies screaming real quick! Within a week, they would actually be airing commercial screaming “Now 64 Fl. Oz. WoW!!” But it won’t have because most people are just too lazy. Do they even sell orange juice concentrate in frozen cans, anymore?

  8. Very sneaky indeed. If you think about it, they actually spent money to redesign the bottles to appear the same size rather than just raising the price a little. In the end they will lose over the deception.

  9. The sad part of all this is that they hardly ever use Florida oranges….if any in their orange juice. Read the label.
    I stopped buying this brand years ago when I read this. I now buy Indian river….100% Florida oranges.

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