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The NBC Peacock Buries a Gem in its Terms and Conditions

Lawyers sometimes have a sense of humor. This is evidenced by the fact that every year or so one of them hides a totally irrelevant provision in a company’s terms and conditions statement just to prove that virtually no one ever reads through all the boilerplate.

In the past, we’ve spotlighted the local TV station that buried a provision in their standard release form requiring the interviewee to don a Santa’s cap and sing a song. Then there was the provision that granted users free wifi in public areas in London, but they had to give up their first born child in exchange. And there was the case when Amazon released a new gaming platform for developers but the terms and conditions warned against using the code in any life-critical situations except if a virus was transmitted by zombies and threatened the existence of mankind.

Now comes NBC with its new Peacock streaming service and a nearly 10,000 word terms of use statement.



Would you care to try to find the hidden gem?

If you give up, the answer is here.


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5 thoughts on “The NBC Peacock Buries a Gem in its Terms and Conditions”

  1. I wonder if there is a point at which the silliness will reach a level where in a dispute the entire thing will be judged to be null and void because it is not to be taken seriously. Yes, wishful thinking, I know.

  2. I would most likely read more terms of service documents if it meant I would find hidden jokes like this one.

  3. I remember reading about this almost 2 weeks ago (can’t remember where) but they did say that they made the cake & it was pretty good but the instructions were a bit weird (excess chocolate water?).

    Also, you would have to be REALLY LAZY if you didn’t see it considering they mention the cake in the very FIRST paragraph at the top!

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