Subway Tuna Tested by Independent Lab

Two weeks ago we told you that Subway was being sued by two California consumers whose lawyers claimed there was no tuna in the tuna sandwiches sold by the company. [See original story.] Subway denied the claims and even launched an advertising campaign saying it used 100% wild-caught tuna.

Now Inside Edition decided to have Subway’s tuna tested by an independent laboratory that specializes in analyzing fish, Applied Food Technologies.


The results of the tests on three samples showed that indeed they all contained real tuna fish.

Below is the 2021 carton containing the actual tuna pouches that Subway currently uses (at least at the Queens location where it was photographed). The description on it perfectly matches what was on the tuna package displayed by a Subway employee last summer before this became an issue.


Subway carton
Subway pouch

At the time the lawsuit was filed last month, the consumers’ lawyers refused to provide the specific ingredients that their own tests revealed that formed the basis of their case. We asked the lawyers last week to comment on Inside Edition‘s test results and whether they were still sticking by their own analysis. The lawyers did not respond… but you can add your comments below on these latest developments.

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12 thoughts on “Subway Tuna Tested by Independent Lab”

  1. I wish I could say I’m shocked, but I’m not really. Like with Taco Bell with their ground beef and the Crunch Berries lady, most of these end up just being cash grabs. This is one of the trade offs of the way that our legal system is setup. I understand why it is setup this way, but because there are almost zero costs aside from time and effort by the lawyer, related to cases like this, there are many that pop up hoping for a big payout even if they don’t have solid case.

  2. I think this is a lot like the “finger in Wendy’s chili” incident… somebody just wanted a big payout from a corporation and made up a story that doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

  3. It “sounds” as though the lawyers’ silence speaks volumes. Is there a legal process to force them to release the results of THEIR tuna test? After all, it is the basis of their client’s suit, and the basis of their employment. If the suit is deemed specious by release of the test, is there a remedy, criminal/civil charges?

  4. Glad to hear it, I’ve always liked the tuna sub at Subway. I’ve always questioned the other meat mashes like this at major sandwich chains that appear to only put enough of the advertised ingredient in to qualify to label as such (see Quiznos lobster roll). Perhaps that would be a better investigation than the ridiculous claim of zero tuna at Subway.

    • In fairness Mike, I’m not sure I would trust any fast food that claimed it had lobster in it, but I echo your thoughts on this. The BEST way this could be portrayed by the plaintiffs now is that they’re trying to protect the public by revealing what Subway puts in their subs is crap. Having said that, I would assume Subway’s tuna meets the letter of the law by definition.

  5. Let me guess, another investor “short selling” Subway stock wanting to make a killing in the market. Could that be the reason for the unfounded lawsuit? I wonder.

  6. Too many lawyers and not enough legitimate cases. Why else are we bombarded by Morgan and Morgan ads every 5 seconds? They all have to pay back their college loans

  7. My guess at the lawsuit is that object to the type of tuna subway is using. Pink slime can legally be call ground beef although most of us would not consider ground beef. I don’t know the basis of the lawsuit but it appear from the one picture that at least that subway pack of tuna is kind of a “tuna fish pink slime” Perhaps tuna parts or bone and cartilage scrapping that we would not generally consider tuna – just a guess but lets see what the lawsuit brings

  8. My thoughts on every single restaurant business. Everyone cuts costs as long as they can fly under the radar. Plus every manufacturer can print anything on the label however it all comes down to what is REALLY put inside those packages.
    Everybody cheats, lies and steals to make a buck even if the buying public suffers.

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