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No Joke: Thomas’ Upsizes Its English Muffins

This story is just in time for April Fools’ Day… but it’s no joke.

It is very rare in the food industry to find a product that has been upsized rather than downsized. But Thomas’ English Muffins recently made their packages a tiny bit larger, going from 12 to 13 ounces for six muffins.


Thomas' English Muffins

We asked the company why they made this unusual move. All a customer service rep would say is that it was a business decision in part because they were getting feedback that the muffins were too small. She could not explain the 25% increase in calories, however.

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16 thoughts on “No Joke: Thomas’ Upsizes Its English Muffins”

  1. All of the nutritional information is odd. It’s not just the increase in calories, but the increase in salt and the decrease in sugar. It would be interesting to compare the list of ingredients on the two boxes. My guess is that more than just the size of the muffins has changed.

  2. Don’t be fooled. Increasing investor profits is the primary goal of all corporations–even to the detriment of consumer health–as mandated by U.S. law. This “upsize” is surely incidental to a reformulation of the muffins, reducing their quality.
    Thomas’ English Muffins…Now with 25% more yoga mat!

    • You should start your own muffin company.Of course,the downside is that you would then be a capitalist.

      • Considering that multiple studies show that capitalism always leads to economic failure, yes, that would be a huge downside. Besides, as a network administrator, why would I start a muffin company?
        Perhaps you should do some research and think things through.

  3. This looks like a good change on the surface, but I would have preferred about an 8% increase in calories instead of a 25% increase. A change in sugar, salt, and calories tells me that this weight increase is probably the result of a recipe change and they’re hoping to maybe slide that under the radar by disguising the calorie count increase with a package size increase.

    • Not likely, keto diets call for less than 10% of carbs per day. One muffin is 28 grams which is the daily limit!

  4. They’ve also gone up in price. Used to be, 2 for $4 sales were regular. Now the best I see is 2 for $6

    • Safeway & Albertson’s had them on sale this past week for 74 cents!! Limit 2. No lie. 74 cents. I bought two, of course. I checked out the package and sure enough…13 ounces. I toast one every day for lunch (honey & peanut butter added). FYI: one slice of OroWheat wheat bread is 100 calories.

  5. Stopped buying this brand muffins years ago. Get Lydl/Aldi/Walmart generic muffins for less than half the price. Even cheaper than the 2 for 1 sale. Plus I like the generic muffins better. Same nooks and crannies and not as sweet as Thomas’.

    • During the early days of the pandemic I discovered the muffins from Vermont Baking Company. Bought them at first because they were all I could get, but I liked them better than Thomas’ and they’re half the price. I buy them at Stop & Shop. I assume they’re available elsewhere.

    • For my breakfast I do bagels.

      I used to do the Thomas’ bagels until a local grocery store chain dumped the buy one get one free deal.

      Now I do the Trader Joe’s Bagels which are a quality bagel.

  6. Honestly I think at one point they got smaller. I was able to at one time, toast them and pull them out of the toaster. Now I can’t get them out of the toaster without unplugging it and either dumping them out or using a utensil to remove them.

    • they are not made for a toaster for sure. I push toaster lever down a bit then up fast and catch them as they pop out ! 🤣🤣

      stupidest part is they need to be toasted on burn but still only half done. so back for a second half round to get toasted normally !

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