Apple’s New OS Predicts Your Impending Death

The new Mac operating system dubbed “Monterey” debuts this week, but apparently not all its new features will be ready for release until later this fall. And that delay has led to the unfortunate placement of an asterisk in their promotional material.

One improvement being made is an enhancement to Apple ID which will help a family member or loved one access your account in case you suddenly pass away without having left your password behind.

Apple death

That little asterisk at the end, however, has sent a chill through Mac owners’ bones and created a sense of sudden urgency. Down the page, it leads to this surprising disclosure.


Apple death coming soon

What does Apple know that even your doctor doesn’t?

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4 thoughts on “Apple’s New OS Predicts Your Impending Death”

  1. This is some seriously unfortunate Mouseprint placement haha.

    They should have said “This feature is coming out later this year.”

    Nice to have some humorous articles sometimes, so it’s not all bad!

  2. Thanks for that. Sometimes it’s the small things that get us through the day and I needed a good laugh this morning.

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